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Makita Mac210q VS Mac100q – 4 Significant Differences

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Makita mac210q and mac100q come from the same manufacturer, even both are listed in the same category. Both are bearing Makita quiet series tag. But, if you look closer, some of the significant differences you will notice among their features and design.

We will compare both units and reveal the differences. At the end of our head-to-head comparisn, you will get the right decision on which one is best for the job done. And which one is value for the money?  

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Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series

Makita mac210q – 1HP, 2-Gallon Air compressor

  • Model: Makita MAC210Q
  • Tank Size: 2-Gallon
  • Motor Power: 1HP
  • Air Delivering Capacity: 2CFM at 90PSI
  • Max Pressure: 135 Pound per Square Inch
  • Noise Rating: 60DB
  • Refilling Time: 11 Seconds
  • Weight: ‎44 pounds
  • Pump Type: Oil-Free
  • Dimension: 17.52 x 18.31 x 14.76 in
Makita MAC100Q Quiet Series

Makita MAC100Q – 1/2 HP, 1-Gallon Air compressor

  • Model: Makita MAC100Q
  • Tank Size: 1-Gallon
  • Motor Power: 1/2HP
  • Air Delivering Capacity: 0.7CFM at 90 PSI
  • Max Pressure: 135 Pound per Square Inch
  • Noise Rating: 58DB
  • Refilling Time: 17 Seconds
  • Weight: 25. 5 Pounds
  • Pump Type: Oil-free
  • Dimension: 14.57 x 15.35 x 12.21

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Makita mac210q vs mac100q: Performance comparison. Which one serves better service? 

We used both models to run brad nailer, staple gun, finish nailer. Also, we fired some nails with a regular framing gun.

Let’s see, how they performed?

Both compressor unit is super quiet as well as their portability makes me amazed. 

They didn’t disappoint me, and both worked well with regular nail guns. 

Performance test with Brad nailer, finish nailer: 

I fired 15 gauge finish nails with Makita MAC100Q as fast as possible and completed 15 shots without any issues. But when we make 16 number shots, the nail’s head flashes on the material. This happens when the tank’s pressure fallen under 60PSI, and the compressor motor kicks to raise the pressure again. 

But we didn’t face these issues when the Makita mac210q was used to power the nail guns. Surprisingly it holds us when we start bump fire, and the refilling time was faster than the mac100Q. 

Are they suitable for framing?

The Makita MAC210Q can hold you on occasional framing tasks if you fire slowly. We do not suggest it for professional framing jobs.

Makita mac210q vs mac100q: Tank size comparison

The Makita MAC210Q is equipped with a 2-gallon size tank, and it’s made with steel. The most durable and sturdy build makes it reliable to use in roughest job sites. It’s a hot dog compressor unit. And the drain valve is positioned at the middle of the bottom.  

The same scenario you will see in Makita MAC100Q. The significant difference in tank size, it features a 1-gallon tank, and it sets horizontally.

Makita mac210q vs mac100q: Air delivering capability, max air pressure, and recovering time comparison

Every compressor unit from Makita promises you it won’t hurt your ears while running.

The mac 210Q is equipped with a 1HP motor that supplies rotation power to the pump unit. Other hand, mac 100Q has 1/2 HP that uses for the same purpose. As a result, mac210Q can deliver more air than mac100Q.

The air displacement capacity of mac210Q is 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI. And mac100Q can deliver 0.7 CFM at 90 PSI.

Makita mac210q vs mac100q: Recovery/Refilling time comparison

The mac 100Q takes 1 minute and 6 seconds to fill up the 1-gallon tank from zero to max pressure, and the maximum tank pressure is 135 PSI (pounds per square inch). While we used it to fires 15 gauge finish nails continuously, it makes 15 shots properly. We press the trigger to make 16 shots, but the tank pressure touches 65 PSI, which is lower. At that time compressor motor was running continuously to raise the pressure again (it called the recycling process). After running for 17 seconds, the unit goes in kick-off position. So, we can say it took 17 seconds to recover the pressure.

Makita mac210Q make me amazed with its extensive airflow capability. It needed only 47 seconds to fill its 2-gallon tank from zero to max pressure. We used it for supplying air into all types of nail guns. The airflow was remarkable. Surprisingly, when it meets with heavy-duty nailing task, it holds the pressure when it refills the tank. As a result, we didn’t face any issues like lower air pressure. Even when it is in kicks mode and the compressor is running to recover the pressure.

Makita mac210q vs mac100q: Price Comparison 

The Makita MAC210Q offers all good features in one package. And its price is only 199 Dollars. You will find many options in this price range, and some pancake air compressors are featured best values in this price. But the problem is they produce loud noise while running, and their control panel is not tidy up like the mac210Q.

But here’s the mac210Q is a super combo that offers much more airflow, lower running noise, strong durability, well-designed full-body roll cage protection, well visualized arranged control panel.

As a DIYer, I suggest this mac210Q for professional woodworkers, carpenters, and home remodeler, who needs a solid build compressor unit that can keep with adequate airflow for nail guns.

Occasional Siding, roofing, framing, The mac210Q  can survive if you use it at moderate peace.  

To get Makita MAC100Q, you have to invest 169 dollars, which is an enormous investment. If you compare its features with your investments, firstly it will make you disappoint. You can buy a 6-gallon pancake model from reputed brands, and it will cost under 150 dollars.

Pancake models are best for outdoor use because of their louder running noise. If you decide to choose an air compressor that uses for the outdoor worksite, you can avoid the mac100Q.

Makita mac210q vs mac100q: Final verdict: Which one should you choose?

The mac100q is an ideal air compressor for staple guns, upholstery stapler, floor nailer, occasional carpentry, inflating car tires, blowing air for dust off from regular electronics appliances. In a word, it is suitable for all small jobs.

It wouldn’t match your higher expectations. You may choose mac100Q for those jobs. Otherwise, your investment would go wrong. 

The Makita MAC210Q is ready to meet your expectations with its adequate airflow for professional nailing jobs. It can handle all types of nailing jobs, including occasional roofing, siding, framing.

You should raise $30 more for having this little portable champ. There makita mac100Q retail price of 169 dollars.  

I hope you found your dream compressor. Okay, enjoy your DIY or professional jobs with the most sturdy and reliable compressor unit.

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