Best Vacuums with adjustable height

Best Vacuum With Carpet Height Adjustment

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Any vacuum can suck dust, debris, pet hair, and large messes from low-pile carpeting floors. But when it comes to cleaning embedded dust from the deep of the high-pile carpet layers or cleaning accumulated dirt from high-pile carpet fibers, a vacuum cleaner with the carpet height adjustment feature can do it better than others.

A vacuum with adjustable height means it has the ability to change the height of its cleaning head according to the type of surface. 

The adjustable height feature allows the vacuum to maintain optimal suction power and saves the floor from damage. For example, if the cleaning head height is set too low, it may damage delicate hardwood floors or tiles, whereas if it’s too high, it may not effectively pick up dirt and debris from carpets. Also, the brush roller can be clogged with carpet fiber if the height is too low while vacuuming carpeting floors.

So, I hope now it’s clear why your vacuum should have the height adjustment feature. 

Best Upright Vacuum with adjustable height – BISSELL 2254 

The best Upright Vacuum with adjustable height is the BISSELL 2254 CleanView Swivel Rewind. The vacuum has manual floor head height adjustment settings with five different height steps that can tackle any large/small or fine dirt and pet hair from all four different pile-size carpet flooring. 

This Bissell upright vacuum packs all the essential features like Swivel steering, automatic cord rewind, larger 1.0-liter dust cup, and turbo pet brush. It also features scatter-free technology that prevents debris from scattering when cleaning hardwood flooring.

I personally loved this Bissell upright vacuum for excepting two things. The first issue was that it struggled to pick up cat litter from the bare floor in the maximum height settings, and most of the time, it scattered them around. 

The second issue we found while testing it on deep pile rugs was that the maximum height setting of the floor head was inappropriate for that surface. As a result, the maximum time beater bar got stuck by the rug’s fibers, which made the vacuum very hard to push.

Overall, this BISSELL 2254 upright vacuum is ideal if your home has mixed flooring types and multiple pets. 

Best Canister Vacuum with adjustable height – Kenmore Elite 81714

The best Canister vacuum with the adjustable height we’ve tested is the Kenmore Elite 81714, and it’s available at upper mid-budget. Even when used with the first height setting, this powerhead canister vacuum does an excellent job dealing with larger/small, fine debris and pet hair on bare floors and many carpet surfaces. However, if you need to clean away solid, fine, or extra-large debris and pet hair from Shag, deep-pile, super soft, or ultra-plush carpet and scatter rugs, the powerhead with maximum height settings does not disappoint you. Even we haven’t found no brush roller clogging issues with the carpet fibers while testing the vacuum on those surfaces. 

The cleaning powerhead features four levels of height adjustment. The first level is XLO– ideal for cleaning bare floors. The second level is LO– this setting is best for low to medium-pile carpets. The MED settings prepare the floor head height for medium to deep pile carpets. The last level of the height settings is HI– this is for cleaning away dirt and pet hair from Shag, deep-pile, super-soft, or Ultraplush carpets and scatter rugs without being damaged them. 

The vacuum has Overload protection that prevents the brush roller and belt from getting damaged. It automatically shuts the power off the powerhead if the agitator slows down or stops by the carpet rugs. 

You can independently select the surface types by sliding the switch at the handle. Also, the suction power can be controlled electrically, making that easier to maneuver the cleaning head on all carpet surfaces without applying too much force. 

This height-adjustable Kenmore canister vacuum has a HEPA filter that can capture 99% fine dust and allergens, making it ideal for pet owners. If you’re looking for a wide selection of canister vacuums for pets, follow this guide. 

How do you adjust the height of a vacuum? 

If your vacuum’s cleaning head height does not set correctly, it will be hard to push on the carpet surface. So, The vacuum cleaner’s floor height can be adjusted using the height adjustment knob or pedal if your vacuum contains the height adjustment feature, mostly located on the cleaning head.

Follow the easy steps to adjust the vacuum’s floor head according to carpet pile height. 

  • Mostly upright vacuums have a knob on their floor head to adjust the height, and canister vacuum has a foot pedal at the back or on the floor head top for adjusting the height.
  • To adjust the height for upright vacuums, simply turn it to the pile or bare floor settings. It depends on where you are vacuuming.
  • For example, to adjust the Bissell upright vacuum height, turn the knob to the lowest settings to clean dirt from bare floors and low pile carpets. Turn the knob to the second position to adjust the height for cleaning up larger debris from bare and low pile carpets. And the maximum height setting is ideal for high-pile and most shag carpets.
  • If you are using Miele or Kenmore canister vacuum with their particular power head with height adjustment feature, then you’ll find a foot pedal to do the work. Press the pedal down to adjust the height considering the surface types, and a counter display on the top of the cleaning head will show the height levels by the numbers 1,2,3,4.

Do any shark vacuums have height adjustments?

Unfortunately, shark vacuum does not have the height adjustment on their current models yet. But they featured a few advanced options like brush roller ON/OFF, powered lift-away, suction control, duo clean brush roller, and anti-hair wrap, making them more versatile for all flooring types and pets.     

Do Dyson vacuums have height adjustments for carpets?

Mostly the Dyson upright vacuum’s equipped with height adjustment features to make them ideal for cleaning various surfaces, from bare floors to low, medium, and high pile carpets and shags.

You’ll find the height adjustment feature on Dyson upright models. They featured automatic height adjustment instead of a manual knob and foot pedal. When the vacuum cleaning head transition from bare floor to carpet, the sole plate rises upwards, and the beater bar penetration to the carpet fibers and agitates them for deep cleaning. And while the vacuum is on the bare floor, the sole plate drops down and makes a great seal that helps to clean fine dirt from bare floors.

Unfortunately, the Dyson upright vacuums do not have specific height levels for adjusting the height according to the low pile, medium pile, and high pile carpeting.

Comparison chart of Best Vacuum With Adjustable Height

BISSELL 2254 (Upright)Key Features
Automatic Cord RewindYes
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, Upholstery, Carpet
Vacuum Dimensions13″L x 14″W x 46″H
Item Weight13.65 Pounds
Capacity1.06 Quarts
Hose Length8 Feet
Swivel SteeringYes
Height adjustmentYes, 5-levels
Kenmore Elite 81714 (Canister Vacuum)Key Features
Automatic Cord RewindYes
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, Upholstery, Carpet
Wand TypeAluminum Telescopic
Vacuum Dimensions27.76″L x 17.91″W x 13.98″H
Item Weight29.6 Pounds
Hose Reach with Attachments10 Feet
Height adjustmentYes, 5-levels
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