Shark iz462h vs. iz662h

Shark iz462h vs iz662h – Which One Is Worth Buying?

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What is the difference between the shark iz462h And iz662h? 

The Shark iz662h is much better than the shark iz462h. The dust cup capacity of the iz662h is 3X larger than the shark iz462h, which gives long cleaning sessions without emptying the dust cup often. But they’re similar in build quality and battery performance. Even the cleaning performance is identical on both hard and carpet flooring. 

2 Major Differences between the shark iz462h And iz662h

IQ Display

The Shark iz662h has an IQ display, a small digital screen located on the top of the vacuum that provides real-time information about its performance. It displays the remaining battery life, the current cleaning mode, and the selected suction power level. It makes cleaning jobs more convenient and helps owners track the vacuum condition. 

On the other hand, the previous Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum featured three positions slider switch on the top of the vacuum body, which allows you to adjust the suction power according to floor types. There is a trigger near the fingertips to boost the suction power. If your home needs maximum suction during the cleaning, you must keep the trigger switch down during the entire cleaning session. 

Dirt Cup Capacity:

If you live in a small house, a cordless vacuum cleaner with a 0.34 Quarts or 0.50 quarts dirt cup capacity is sufficient. But if you have pets, you should consider a vacuum with a larger dust compartment. 

In terms of the dirt cup capacity, the Shark IZ462H Vertex offers a 0.34-quart bagless dirt container, which is not sufficient for pet owners. We had to empty the dirt cup often during our testing period. 

Here, you’ll notice the Shark IZ662H Vertex Pro comes with a 1-Quart dirt container that is 3X larger than the Shark IZ462H Vertex and capable of holding more dirt and pet hair before it needs to be emptied. 

So, if you have pets and live in a big apartment, then my suggestion goes to the Shark IZ662H. But it demands a huge amount of $$$. Here is the cheapest option from the shark cordless lineup that features similar specs and comes with a Double battery pack. (Shark IZ682H Vertex Pro)

Shark iz462h vs iz662h: Full-comparison

Shark iz462h vs iz662h: Which one is best for the bare floor?

Shark iz462h : 9.5

Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum is excellent for vacuuming hard floors. It clears all dirt, debris, pet hair, and bulky messes without any difficulties. 

Notably, the Shark iz462h cordless vacuum is designed to be suitable for cleaning multi-surface areas. The duo clean brush roll design is specially performed impressively on hardwood floors. The fronted soft brush roller directly engages hard floors and gives a polished look. 

Shark IZ662H: 9.5

The same result we found from the Shark IZ662H Vertex Pro Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum. It did the job in a single back-and-forth pass. We haven’t found any debris scattering issues when using it on a hard surface, but it sprinkled dirt a bit in the maximum setting. The LED display and the larger dirt compartment make cleaning sessions more convenient. 

Shark iz462h vs. iz662h: Which is best for the carpet floor?

Shark iz462h: 8.7

Undoubtedly, the Shark iz462h cordless vacuum is ideal for cleaning away larger debris and fine dust from low-pile and medium-pile carpets. But it does a little struggle to clean high-pile carpet flooring, as it does not have any height settings to adjust the floor head according to the carpets pile height. 

This Shark iz462h comes with a duo clean brush roller with Powerfins technology. You’ll notice soft silicon fins around the middle brush roller of the cleaning head. The Powerfins brush roller agitates the carpet fiber more strongly than the standard, which is more helpful for cleaning away hidden dirt and debris from carpets. 

However, it has individual carpet cleaning settings but lacks a brush roller on-off function. So, unfortunately, the brush roller can get clogged by the rug’s tassels. Overall, the Shark iz462h is a value-for-the-money deal if your has a broad mix of flooring types.

Shark Iz662h: 9 

The Shark IZ662H Vertex Pro Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum did a bit more impressive carpet cleaning job than the Shark iz462h. Its standard brush roll is completely designed with Powerfins; there are no soft bristles, which more strongly agitate the carpet fiber, and it will definitely give your carpets a deep cleaning. 

The run time is limited. It can hold your cleaning session for up to 30 if you use it in mixed settings. 

However, the Shark Iz662h carpets cleaning effectiveness is closely similar to the Shark iz462h, but if you think the battery life is insufficient for you, then the Shark IZ682H would be the perfect fit for its 120 minutes run time. 

FAQ for the Shark iz462h and iz662h cordless stick vacuum

Do these Shark iz462h and iz662h have the removable battery option?

Yes, both cordless stick vacuums have the removable battery option that allows you to extend the cleaning session by buying extra batteries. 

How long does the battery last in the Shark iz462h and iz662h?

The manufacturer claimed that both cordless vacuums last around 60 minutes on a single charge without attaching any motorized attachments. But the run time depends on the power settings you selected. The battery lasts up to 45 minutes in the lowest suction setting while the primary cleaning head is attached. It can hold you for around 25 minutes in moderate use and 10 minutes in boost mode. 

Shark iz462h or iz662h, which is good for pets?

Both cordless stick vacuum is ideal for pet owners. The duo clean brush roll cleaning heads are capable of dealing with stubborn pet hair without being clogged. But the soft brush roller needs periodic maintenance. 

Shark iz462h or iz662h, which is best for stairs?

You can turn these cordless vacuums into handheld cleaning machines, and it cuts the weight while the primary cleaning head is detached from the body. That Makes it lightweight enough, allowing it to carry it up and down stairs without any hassles. Unfortunately, we faced a problem: the vacuum is hard to maneuver on stairs steps with the primary cleaning head. These cordless vacuums do not have any motorized pet tools like the Shark NV752 Rotator.

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