Makita mac100q review

Makita mac100q review | How powerful is it for light-duty jobs?

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The Makita mac100q is a 1-gallon portable quiet air compressor. It has a 1/2 HP oil-free compressor that can deliver 0.7 CFM air at 90 PSI. This compressor is from its quiet series lineup. So, it produces a noise level of nearly 60 DB while running, which is relatively quieter than the competitors. 

Our Verdict: Who is this Makita MAC100Q air compressor suitable for?

It’s a 1-gallon air compressor, so the tank size is not adequate for air-hungry tools that require continuous airflow. The motor can deliver only 0.7 CFM air at 90 PSI, though it’s good enough for airbrushing and small nail guns such as staple, brad, and finish guns, but not usable for running framing guns for professional uses. As the tank can hold the air pressure at a maximum of 135 PSI, and it’s portable enough, so, it can be ideal for any tire inflating jobs around the home garage. The compressor is fully protected with strong roll cage protection, making it ideal for any toughest job sites.

If you’re looking for an air compressor for medium-duty jobs, A 6-gallon air compressor from Dewalt can fit your requirements. 

Makita MAC100Q review: How powerful is this compressor for light-duty jobs?

Makita MAC100Q Specs and Data Table

Tank size1-Gallon
Maximum Tank Pressure135 PSI
Airflow0.7 CFM at 90 PSI
Noise levelWe measured 64 DB 1 foot away from the compressor
Time to fill tank1 minute and 5 seconds from ZERO to maximum
Pressure recovery20 seconds
Motor Type1/2 HP, Oil-free
Item Weight‎27.6 pounds


Sturdy enough 9/10 | Well-balanced 9.5/10 | Compact – 9/10 | user interface/ controlling – 10/10

First and foremost, the design of this compressor grabbed my attention. Actually, it’s a hotdog-style 1-gallon portable compressor, and it’s fully packed with roll case protection, allowing you to use it in any toughest job sites. It weighs 27.6, which is not too portable though its carrying handle at the top of the unit makes the compressor easy to carry, and the weight balance is really appreciable. You’ll feel it’s lighter and easy to pull on the truck bed. 

All the controls are nicely decorated on the front panel, and there are two gauges, one for showing you the tank pressure and the other for displaying the tool’s pressure. You’ll find a single quick coupler that is ideal for running a single tool at a time. 

Brad/Finish Nailer: 9/10

We found the compressor is relatively quiet as well. It was around 64 DB. The compressor pump takes around 1 minute and 5 seconds to fill the tank pressure to a maximum of 135 PSI, which is quite enough for a portable compressor. And the air emitting capacity is 0.7 CFM at 90 PSI. These specs allow us to use Brad and finish nailers flawlessly. 

I use this Makita 1-gallon compressor specifically for interior finish-nailing purposes. One of its standout features is its remarkably quiet operation, allowing me to listen to the radio without any disruptive noise easily. The compressor boasts a central knob that enables me to control the desired PSI (pounds per square inch) that is delivered to the tool—an incredibly convenient feature. Whenever I fire five 1-1/2 inch finish nails, the compressor automatically cycles, ensuring efficient operation. Impressively, it quickly reaches the desired PSI level in approximately 9 seconds or even less. This compressor proves to be highly practical when it comes to installing trim or interior paneling. So, I hope it will make your tasks more manageable and efficient.

Testimonials: What do Makita MAC100Q users say about it after a long time of use?

I am so happy with this air compressor!!!

True to its advertisement, this compressor lives up to its promise of being very quiet and surpasses expectations. Unlike my previous model, it remains steady and does not move around on the floor during operation, ensuring stability and safety. The switch on the right side takes the form of a stick lever, which may require a slight adjustment period to become accustomed to its positioning. To enhance its usability, I decided to use a Goodyear pullout hose system, and combining these two components results in an exceptionally user-friendly experience.

In terms of performance, this compressor operates flawlessly without any hesitation. Its efficient functionality has even resolved the issue of causing noise disturbances for my neighbors when I inflate my tires. Although only time will tell about its long-term reliability, it’s worth noting that Makita enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of the premier brands in the industry.

Despite being somewhat pricey, I am genuinely pleased with my decision to invest in this unit. The value it provides justifies the cost, and I wholeheartedly recommend this compressor to others seeking a reliable and high-quality option.

Frazer Hazlett

The Makita MAC100Q did the job done flawlessly

This Makita MAC100Q 1-gallon air compressor stands out for its remarkable quietness, surpassing expectations from videos or reviews. Its ability to swiftly build air pressure is noteworthy, making it an excellent choice for my needs. I primarily utilize this compressor as a backup solution when my motorcoach is parked, as it aids in rapidly building air pressure to operate the air-operated doors. The compressor’s impressive performance lies in its ability to recover and meet the desired air pressure levels quickly.

One of my essential requirements was finding a compressor that builds air pressure rapidly and operates with minimal noise. Fortunately, this compressor fulfills that criterion admirably. It is kept in a storage bay beneath the living area, and its quiet operation is so remarkable that even when a fan runs from an air conditioner, its sound remains indiscernible. This level of quietness adds to the overall comfort and convenience of using this compressor.

I am genuinely delighted with the performance of this compressor and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to others. Whether you require a compressor that excels in quick air pressure buildup, swift recovery, or simply a remarkably quiet operation, this compressor proves to be an excellent choice, surpassing expectations and delivering on its promises.


The Best Tire Inflator, Indeed

I purchased this 1-gallon Makita air compressor intending to use it primarily for inflating vehicle tires. However, it must acknowledge its limitations, as it offers only 0.7 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at 90 PSI (pounds per square inch). Consequently, its utility for other tasks is rather limited. Even the smallest 1/8-inch air grinder or a 1/4 drill cannot be effectively operated with this compressor, although it may adequate for tasks such as airbrushing and nail guns.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that this compressor represents a significant improvement over the inexpensive ‘tankless’ tire inflators available on the market. While those options often fall short in terms of performance and durability, this compressor offers a more reliable and capable solution. However, it’s important to consider that you will need to invest separately in an air hose and chuck in addition to the compressor itself. These additional accessories are essential for connecting the compressor to the desired equipment.

Once the necessary accessories are obtained, operating the compressor becomes a straightforward process. Simply adjust the dial to the desired air pressure level, ensuring it matches the requirements of the task at hand. From there, you can confidently proceed with your intended application, whether inflating vehicle tires or engaging in other suitable activities. 

Lewis Balentine

The best option for finish carpenters

If you find loud and heavy compressors bothersome and prefer air nailers over battery-powered ones, then this compressor is an excellent option. However, it’s essential to understand its intended purpose and limitations. This compressor is not designed for tasks such as painting and running air-hungry auto repair tools or thoroughly dusting off an entire workshop. Its primary function lies in ensuring customer satisfaction during remodeling projects.

Specifically, this compressor is meant to cater to trim work needs during remodeling projects. It excels in providing the necessary air pressure to keep your customers happy while you’re engaged in the meticulous process of trimming out their remodel. Additionally, it is a valuable asset when dealing with challenging scenarios such as an upstairs bathroom remodel, where the reach of your hose from the first floor falls short. In such situations, this compressor’s compact size and quiet operation make it an ideal choice.

For finishing carpentry tasks, this 1-gallon portable compressor shines brightly. Its compact size and minimal noise output makes it perfect for laying down baseboards, working with crown molding, or performing outdoor trim work. If you are involved in furniture making, this compressor would be a fantastic match for an air stapler, effectively attaching upholstery and enhancing your craft.

Despite being classified as a light-duty compressor, this model impresses with its exceptional quietness and durability. It can last long, even with the frequent refilling it may require. Therefore, if you’re in search of a quiet and reliable compressor that caters to light-duty tasks, this Makita MAC100Q model undoubtedly fits the bill, ensuring your satisfaction and longevity of use.


Frequently Asked Question

Is the Makita MAC100Q good for inflating car tires? 

When considering this Makita 1-gallon compressor, a few aspects are worth mentioning. Firstly, in terms of tire pressure, it generally provides ample pressure unless you require pressures above 120 psi. However, it’s important to note that the tank size of this compressor is relatively small, and its cubic feet per minute (CFM) output falls on the lower end. Consequently, if you intend to add air to partially inflated tires, this device would serve its purpose adequately. On the other hand, if your objective is to inflate a large tire from scratch completely, it is essential to be aware that it will require a long time due to the device’s limitations.

Can I use the Makita MAC100Q for the HVLP sprayer?

This 1-gallon little compressor is primarily designed for use with Brad nailers, staple guns, and finish nailers, where it excels in performance and functionality. 

Can the Makita MAC100Q be used for sandblasting?

No, it is not suitable for sandblasting purposes. Sandblasting typically demands a significant volume of air measured in CFMs (cubic feet per minute), which surpasses the capacity of a compressor of this size. The airflow output of this compressor is below 1 CFM, while a typical sandblaster typically requires around 4 CFM to operate effectively. As you can observe, there is a significant disparity between the air delivery capabilities of this compressor and the air requirements for sandblasting, rendering it inadequate for such tasks.

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