Dewalt d24000 vs d36000 Wet Tile Saw

Dewalt D24000 Vs D36000 Wet Tile Saw – What’s The Difference?

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The Dewalt d24000s is a combined package of a 10-inch wet tile saw and stand. Beginners have the misconception that Dewalt d24000 and d24000s are different and have massive changes in key features. Let me clear the misconception between d24000 and d24000s. The Dewalt d24000 is only a wet tile cutting saw, and the 24000s model is a package that included a 10-inch wet tile saw and stands and other essential accessories. And both contain the same key features. 

DEWALT D24000 is the most premium, and popular wet tile saw to home remodelers, professional DIYers, and tiles professionals for its accurate cut. It offers max rip cut 25 inches, diagonal cut 18” x 18”, max depth cut – 3 1/8”. Also, it has plunge features that can gain 3-inch rip capacity and giving you a total of 28-inch max rip capacity. And the retail price of D24000 is above 850$, and its price is anywhere between 850$ to 950$ with the stand.

The Dewalt D36000 comes with 5 significant differences. You will get the in this model max deep cut capacity 3-3/8 Inch, rip capacity 37 Inch & 41 inches with plunge feature, diagonal cut 24X24, the weight and retail price bit higher than the DeWalt D24000.

Dewalt d24000 vs d36000 Wet Tile Saw: Major Difference

Dewalt d24000 and d36000 both are equipped with 1.5HP motor both draws 15 MP current. Both are the 10-inch wet tile cutting saw. Both come with the same size water pump. The retail price of the Dewalt d36000 wet tile saw is above 300$ higher than the regular Dewalt d24000 model.   

What are the significant differences between Dewalt d24000 and d36000? Does it worth spending extra 300$ for d36000?

Cutting Capacity: Dewalt d24000 vs d36000

Rip Capacity: The Dewalt d36000 has the largest rail system and sliding tray than the D24000, which allows to cut up to 37-inch tiles. The Dewalt D24000 has a standard rail system and tray, smaller than d36000, and offered 25 IN max rip cut capacity.

Cross & Diagonal cut Capacity: 

Cutting Capacity Dewalt d24000 vs d36000

The Dewalt d36000 has up to an 18-inch distance between the blade to the arm. And it’s enough room to crosscut up to 36 inches and can diagonally cut up to 36X36 inches. 

Dewalt d24000 offers 13-inch room between the blade to the arm, which is smaller than d36000. Allow you to crosscut up to 24 inches and diagonal cut 24X24 inches. 

Dewalt d24000 vs d36000: How did the plunge feature help us to cut the most uses shapes?   

The Dewalt d24000 allows ripping cut 25-inch max. But has an additional plunge feature that added up to 2-inch extra rip cut capacity. That means you can cut 27-inch straight-cut with plunge facility.

Otherhand, Dewalt d36000 allows ripping 36-inch sizes tiles on its working tray. It’s possible to rip cut up to 41-inch with its plunge feature.

How it’s possible to make extra ripping capacity by the plunge facility?

Okay, let me explain. Take a 41-inch tile, and lift the cutting blade by loose the deep adjustment knob. Take The final step, and now you have enough room to set a 41-inch tile on the working tray of the D36000. Run the motor, and press the cutting blade downwards slowly. After

The plunge facility not only added extra rip capacity. Straight cut, U shape cut, L shape cut, and square hole cut are the most uses cut on the tiles installer. I explained before how you can add extra rip cut capacity when performing a straight cut.

U shape and the square hole cut on the middle of tiles is complicated if your tile saw doesn’t have the plunge feature.

Dewalt d24000 vs d36000: Which one is portable and easy to move around the job site?

Dewalt d24000 vs d36000: Both models measured 36 inches long, 30-inch width, but d36000 is more 8-inch hight than d24000. The weight of d24000 is 69 pounds. And the d36000 is 49 pounds heavier than d24000, which is measured 118.7 pounds because its long arm and long working tray make the d36000 heavier than d24000.

Both models included a water pan, which is the same size. And the water containment trays of d36000 are huge than the d24000. You must ensure enough room for the d36000 in your workshop or job sites.  

Dewalt d24000 vs d36000: Pricing comparison.

The d24000 retail price is 849 dollars with the stand. You must extend your budget to more than 350 dollars for having the d36000. And its price will go to 1,199 dollar with the stand.

You will get more rip, diagonal, and cross-cut capacity after paying 1,199 dollars for d36000, which is larger than d24000. 

Final verdict: Which one meets your expectations? Which one is worth the money, d24000 or d36000? 

The motor size, motor power, extension cord, cutting blade, Bevel Capacity, plunge feature, depth cut, durability, water pan, water pump, everything is identical on d24000 and d36000. The massive 4 differences you will face on d36000. Which is diagonal cut, crosscut, rip cut, and large water containment tray.  

Which one is worth the money, d24000 or d36000.

The d36000 is ideal for professional tile contractors, home remodelers, and those who want to upgrade their old tile saw.  

If you are a professional DIYer, who wants to install tile or remodel the bathroom and floor by itself, the d24000 is the ideal choice to go ahead.

I especially recommend Dewalt d36000 because you can cut any size tiles under 41 inches. The d24000 is smaller than d36000, and you can’t cut above 28 inches tiles with d24000.

If you are a home remodeling contractor and stay involved with tile installing jobs for 8 hours a day, the d24000 will be the worst machine if it meets to cut above 28-inch.

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