Shark iz682h vs iz662h

Shark iz682h vs iz662h-Which cordless model cleans better and worth buying?

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Both two Shark iz682h and iz662h Vertex Pro cordless vacuums are identical in design, suction power, control, floor head design, and overall cleaning effectiveness. 

The only difference between the two is that the Shark iz682h vertex pro cordless vacuum is available only in black color and features Two battery packs that double its cleaning time. 

On the other hand, The Shark iz662h Vertex Pro is available in black and red color and comes with a single battery pack that will give you a maximum of 60 minutes run time on a single charge in the lowest suction settings. 

The shark iz682h Vertex pro – Hard floor

Shark IZ682H Vertex Pro

The shark iz682h is excellent for vacuuming tiles, hardwood, and bare floors. The duo clean floor head design means the soft brush roller in the front of the primary cleaning head and the standard Powerfins brush roller in the middle. This cleaning head design is much more effective on all types of hard flooring. The soft brush roller directly engages the surface and moves all the fine and larger debris to the suction intake. The standard brush roller is designed with Silicon fins, and there are soft cotton fibers in the middle of the Powerfins row; this brush roller design cleans up debris from the hard floor effectively without scratching the sensitive surface. 

We found this Duo clean Powerfins cleaning head design is exceptionally efficient. It cleans up all the debris in a single pass in lowest suction settings. Considering its hard floor cleaning effectiveness, it earned 9.7 stars out of 10. 

The shark iz682h Vertex pro – Carpets

The shark iz682h Vertex Pro is also suitable for different types of carpet flooring. In our testing, it effortlessly picked up all the fine/larger debris and pet hair from the carpet. 

As I said, the Duo clean floor head design is excellent for vacuuming both hard and carpet floors. The Soft silicon Powerfins brush strongly agitates the carpet fibers and loosens the embedded dirt. 

We tested the Vertex pro on a low-pile carpet. First, we spread a mix of sand and fine dust, then vacuumed for 1 minute, keeping the vacuum in carpet cleaning mode and suction level at the low settings. It took around four back-and-forth passes to clean up the same amount of dirt that we had spread. 

There’s a minor chance of damaging carpet fiber in the average vacuum that the stiff bristle brush roller damages the carpet fiber when it agitates the fibers. But in the shark vertex pro iz682h, the brush roller is designed with soft cotton fibers and silicon fins instead of stiff bristles that do not damage the fibers and safely deep clean the carpets.

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Is the shark iz682h Vertex pro good for pets?

The shark iz682h is an excellent option for dealing with pet hair and long hair on all types of surfaces—the Duo clean floor head design with Powerfins technology that resistant tangling hair around the brush roll. In our tests, we embedded huge amounts of cat and dog hair in mid-pile carpets and vacuumed for a few seconds; the result was surprising. It was able to pick up all stubborn pet hair in a few back-and-forth passes. After the cleaning session, we found some of the pet’s hair clogged in the little combs at the rear of the soft brush roller. This is a normal scenario, but you must clean it properly after every cleaning task. Otherwise, it will clog the brush roller often.

Shark iz682h Vertex pro boasts complete-sealed HEPA filtration technology. It ensures there is no leakage in the vacuum system, and all the dirt is captured in the dust canister. So there are no chances of pet dander, fine dust, allergens, or bacteria returning to the air. 

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What is in the box of shark iz682h Vertex?

  • Cordless Vertex Pro Vacuum
  • Duster Crevice Tool
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Anti-Allergen Dusting Brush
  • 1x Double Hub battery charger
  • 2x battery pack

Shark iz682h Vertex Pro Specs In details

The Shark iz682h Vertex Pro boasts some stellar features like the Duo clean Powerfins primary cleaning head, dual battery pack, dual battery charging hub, IQ Display, and multiple attachments, making it a versatile cordless vacuum. 

Duo Clean Floor Head: 

Sharks’ applied all the latest technology onto the  Shark iz682h Vertex Pro. Its duo clean primary head combines two styles of brush roller system, the soft brush roller at the front and a Powerfins standard brush roller at the middle of the cleaning head. This type of cleaning head is suitable for dealing with any surface, whether hardwood or carpet. Even this design effectively prevents hair tangle and consumes low battery power.

IQ Display: 

The cordless shark Vertex IZ682H Features an IQ display showing you the current time data, suction power, battery status, and surface mode that you selected. You can adjust the suction in three modes: low, high, and maximum. This is the only thing that makes a significant difference between the previous shark cordless vertex and vertex pro. Also, a few minor differences between the shark cordless vertex and vertex pro, so if you are interested in the previous model, you can read the comparison here: Shark Vertex vs. vertex pro cordless. 

Shark iz682h Vertex Pro Specs

Model: Shark iz682h Vertex ProKey Features
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, Carpet
Power SourceBattery Powered
Product Dimensions10.24″L x 14.7″W x 46.5″H
Battery Voltage25.2 Volts
Item Weight8.82 Pounds
Dust cup Capacity1 Quarts
Vacuum Wattage309 watts
Dual battery Runtime90 + Minutes in low and 22 minutes in max settings

FAQ For the Shark iz682h Vertex Pro cordless

What features does the Shark iz682h Vertex Pro cordless have?

The Shark iz682h Vertex Pro features a powerful motor, a self-cleaning brush roll, a complete-sealed HEPA filtration system, LED headlights, Flexible bend technology, and an IQ display. It also has a Duo Clean PowerFins brush roll that deep cleans carpets and directly engages floors for a polished look. Also, it comes with varieties of attachments.

What kind of surfaces can the Shark iz682h Vertex Pro clean?

The Shark iz682h Vertex Pro can clean a variety of surfaces, including carpets, hard floors, upholstery, and above-floor surfaces such as stairs and ceilings.

Is the Shark iz682h Vertex Pro suitable for pet owners?

Yes, the Shark iz682h Vertex Pro comes with a pet multi-tool that is specifically designed to remove pet hair and dander from carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces. But, it does not come with any motorized pet brush like the shark upright NV752 Rotator.

How does the Shark iz682h Vertex Pro compare to other vacuum cleaners on the market?

The Shark iz682h Vertex Pro is a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that offers excellent cleaning performance on a variety of surfaces. Its Duo Clean PowerFins brush roll and self-cleaning brush roll set it apart from other vacuum cleaners on the market. But if you compare it with Shark AZ2002 Vertex upright vacuum, the cordless model is definitely less powerful than the corded upright.

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