Tineco a10 vs a11

Tineco A10 Hero VS A11 Hero | Which One Is Overall Best For Most Cleaning Jobs?

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All the Tineco A11 models are better overall than the Tineco A10 models. Tineco A10 and A11 both have four different models. In every cleaning test, the A11 models did significantly better cleaning jobs on hard floors and low-pile carpet and rug surfaces. If you are confused about what models from each category to choose, keep reading. We compared all 4 models with each to help you to the right one for your home cleaning preferences.

Tineco A10 hero vs a11 hero

When it comes to finding out the overall best option comparing all aspects between the A10 Hero and A11 Hero, the a11 performs significantly better in clearing away fine and larger debris from all floor types, even in cleaning pet hair. 

FeatureTineco A10 heroTineco A11 Hero
Is Cordless?YesYes
Bin Capacity0.4-liter0.6-liter
Wattage350 Watt450 Watts
Suction Power105 AW120 AW
Runtime in normal setting With Powerhead23 minutes32 Minutes
Runtime in max setting with powerhead7 Minutes13 minutes
Noise Level70 BD70 DB
Weight5.03 pounds 
HEPA FilterYesYes
Battery1pc (2000mAh)1pc (2500mAH) 

Tineco a10 hero vs. a11 hero: Hard floor cleaning 

The Tineco A10 Hero did a better of cleaning fine and medium-sized debris from hardwood floors due to its powerful suction power. It can suck up all the debris and pet hair from the hard surface in normal suction settings. But cleaning experts found both A10 Hero and A11 Hero struggled a bit while tackling larger debris due to their small intake gate.

Most of the time, the vacuum pushes all the larger debris to its front without sucking them. In terms of picking up debris from crevices, the A11 hero is the winner and can create a good seal with the hard surfaces. Our tester rated 7.5 stars out of 10 to the A10 Hero and 8 stars out of 10 to the A11 Hero based on their hard floor cleanability.

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Tineco a10 hero vs. a11 hero: Low pile carpets/rugs

Though both Tineco cordless vacuums struggled a lot in picking up larger debris from hardwood floors, but they did an excellent job clearing larger debris from low-pile carpets. 

When it comes to carpet deep cleaning, the Tineco A11 Hero did the job better due to its 480W powerful motor. It can suck up any larger to finest dirt from the carpet bottom layer with no issues. We tested both vacuums in low pile carpet, we embedded 100 grams of sand in that type of floor, and made several back-and-forth passes to determine how each cordless model can pick up dirt. Surprisingly the A11 Hero sucked up 94% of dirt from the surface in boost suction mode. On the other hand, the A10 Hero does the job like an average cordless vacuum. Our cleaning expert rated 8.6 stars out of 10 to the A11 Hero according to comparing all aspects of the carpet cleaning test.

Tineco a10 hero vs. a11 hero: Pet hair 

Both Tineco A10 Hero and A11 Hero are great at picking up the hair off the hardwood floor, low pile carpet, couch, and upholstery. The plus point is that both vacuums have a motorized pet brush, which is great for removing pet hair from upholstery, stairs, and tight spaces. 

The downside for both vacuums is that there is no anti-hair tangle functionality in their cleaning head. So, our cleaning tester had to clean the brush roller often while tackling heavy pet hair on all flooring. Another problem we faced while cleaning heavy pet hair, the hair tends to clump up and get stuck in the long stick and in the opening into the canister, where all the crap is sucked in. To clean the brush roller manually, both vacuums come with a handy little cleaning tool with a blade for cutting out hair/string that wraps around the roller. But, we found scissors do that job better than the hair-cutting tool.

When it comes to choosing a Tineco cordless vacuum from these two models for those who are allergy sufferers, here’s a plus point: both the A10 Hero and the A11 Hero have built-in sealed HEPA filtration. Tineco claims that their advanced 4-step sealed HEPA filtration can trap 99.97 of dust particles, and the sealed filtration ensures there is no way of leaking dust allergens out of the vacuum during vacuuming. Yes, we found this filtration performs really great. There was no cloud dust we found while vacuuming extra fine dust particles. Our expert gives a 10-star rating out of 10 to its filtration system.

Tineco a11 tango vs a10 tango

The major difference between the Tineco Hero and the tango is the tango version includes a soft brush roller with the packages. Unfortunately, the A10 tango version is not available in the market. We had a chance to test only the A11 tango version, but there is not a major difference between the A10 tango and the A11 tango. The suction power and the other attachments are similar to the Hero version.

In our test of picking up larger debris from hardwood and low-pile carpeting, the A11 tango effectively did the job in a single pass. We did the debris cleaning test on hard surfaces with the normal suction mode, which is excellent for its mechanically sound soft brush roller. Mainly, the soft brush roller gently keeps in touch with the surfaces and moves all the debris to the intake. The A10 model with the soft brush roller can hold you in your cleaning job for 20 minutes in normal mode and 6 to 7 minutes in boost mode on a single charge. On the other hand, we found the Tinceo A11 tango can give you a 30-minute run time in normal suction setting and 10 minutes in boost mode. 

We haven’t faced any issues while transacting the vacuum from hardwood to carpet flooring, and the soft brush roller is ideal for cleaning all floor types. But when it comes to carpet deep cleaning, the regular floor head with bristle brush rollers does the job more effectively.

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