Dewalt dcr025 vs dcr028

Dewalt Dcr025 Vs Dcr028 – Which One For You?

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The Dewalt dcr025 and dcr028 are designed to enjoy music and listen to radio on crowded job sites. Some differences we found when tested them side by side in my woodworking shop.

Dewalt dcr025 vs dcr028 – Quick Overview:

  • Both Dewalt Jobsite radio featured Bluetooth option, serve loud and better quality sound.
  • The DCR025 has charging features, charges the battery when plugged into an AC socket. – DCR028B doesn’t have the battery charging option.
  • Both radios feature a USB power outlet for charging mobile and a 3.5mm aux port for connecting external devices.
  • Both have FM/AM radio functionality; DCR025 has 5 presets, and DCR028B has 6 presets for customizing favorite stations.
  • The Dewalt demands a higher price; its retail price might be above 240$ -On the Other hand, DCR028B requires 50$ less than DCR025.

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dewalt DCR025
  • Powered by 20V/60V MAX* batteries
  • Battery Charging Option: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Total-40 Watts
  • Expensive


dewalt DCR028B
  • Powered by 12V/20V MAX* batteries
  • Battery Charging Option: NO
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Total-30 Watts
  • Budget-friendly

So, if the battery charging and other additional features are not essential to you if listening to music and radio is the only purpose, consider the Dewalt DCR028B. It will enthusiasts your radio and music listening experience, with its undeniable loudness and better quality sound.  

On the other hand, the battery charging option is essential, and you want to enjoy other additional features, Dewalt DCR025 would be a better choice.

Dewalt dcr025 vs dcr028: In-depth Comparison

Dewalt dcr025: The Dewalt dcr025 is a 40 Watt portable radio and BlueTooth speaker. That features 20 Watt woofers and one tweeter per one channel for enjoying better quality music and clear notes. 

You can use 20V MAX* and FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX* batteries for supplying the power. It also features an AC cord for supplying 110V. As well as it has the charging option, which charges the batteries when it plugged in into a 110V outlet- and the charging limit is 3amp maxed; it could be 20V or 60V MAX DeWalt batteries. It has A 2.1 AMP USB socket for charging mobile and tab as a power bank.

Surprisingly the Dewalt dcr025 added 2 AC power outlets. That’s an additional feature. But it could be beneficial at your job sites. 

The LCD, audio, video, volume, and radio controlling panel are set on the front top like the dcr028. 

Dewalt dcr028: The Dewalt dcr028 is a powerful Jobsite Bluetooth speaker equipped with radio functionality. Added 3.5-inch woofers and one-inch tweeter per channel for delivering distortion-free loud sound on crowded job sites.

The Dewalt dcr028 is a regular job site radio, run with 12V/20V MAX Dewalt batteries, and 110 AC supplying option are available. Also, you will get a USB port for mobile charging and a 3.5mm aux port for connecting external devices. 

Dewalt dcr025 vs. dcr028: Comparing sound quality, Design, Durability, and other features.

Sound quality: We tested both in my busiest woodshop. I didn’t found a massive difference between their audio quality. They delivered crispy, clear, and satisfying audio with enough loudness. We kept the volume level 25% of both, which was enough and satisfying for my woodshop.  

Design: The Dewalt DCR025 and DCR028 are made with sturdy plastic capable of surviving all the most challenging job sites.

The Dewalt models are protected with thick black roll cage frames that protect the devices from bumps and drops.

You will get the antenna at the backside of DCR025, and DCR028 is positioning its antenna up the roll cage handle.

The antenna position of  DCR028 is a bit protective than the DCR025. 

Buttons: The Dewalt DCR025 and DCR028 both have control panels with LCD display, And the buttons marks are easy-to-read that allow adjusting the EQ, volume, changing the mode from AM to FM to Bluetooth. Press the button and enjoy the music. 

The DCR028B has six radio preset, and The DCR025 has five preset. 

Connectivity: Both Dewalt job site radios are equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth for getting the most vital connectivity. The manufacturer claimed it could connect up to 100 feet from the device. But it could be possible if you listen to music in an open place.

For DCR028B, you will get a USB and AUX port. USB port for charging mobile or tab, and the 3.5mm AUX port for connecting this Jobsite speaker with mobile, TV, and other sources.

The USB and AUX ports of DCR028B are positioned at the top with the control panel. For DCR025, you get all ports inside the phone case compartment. And its position in the front bottom of the device.

Power source: The Dewalt both models are corded and cordless also. 

The Dewalt DCR028 Jobsite Bluetooth speaker required a 12V/20V Dewalt MAX battery for operating cordlessly. If you want to play it with 120V AC, you need to plug it into a 120V AC outlet, which comes separately in the packet. 

The Dewalt DCR025 allows you to supply 120V AC, and the power cord is attached with from manufacturer. If you need to carry around your Jobsite, you need a FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX battery to ensure its power supply. 

The Dewalt DCR025 has the battery charging option, but the DCR025 does not feature any charging option. 

Dewalt dcr025 vs. dcr028: Final Verdict. Which one is cheaper but serves better music?

The Dewalt DCR025 Jobsite radio speaker retail price is around 250$ and offers three additional built-in features: battery charging options, an oversized storage box, and two additional power outlet sockets. And the Dewalt DCR025 offered two 4-inch woofers, which are bigger than the Dewalt dcr028. Those are the difference we found after comparing both Jobsite radios.

If you need a Jobsite radio for enjoying music or listening to radio anywhere, and if you think those additional features are unnecessary to you, choosing the Dewalt DCR028B is the best decision. 

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