Shark zu62 vs zu561

Shark zu62 vs zu561-Which One Is Best For Pet Owners?

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Shark zu62 and zu561, both models, are familiar to homeowners. For newbies, it would be tedious to choose one from between models. Both models offer value for money features and zero M technology that keeps the brush roller tangle-free.

I used both shark models for 5 days as my primary cleaning machine. My home is 30% hardwood floor and 70% carpeted, with one cat and two dogs as my family member. So, I know which model is suitable for multiple floors and properly clean pet hair, debris, fine dust, and long human hair.  

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What are the differences between Shark zu62 and zu561? 

Lift-away feature: It’s an essential feature for stairs cleaning. The Shark ZU62 doesn’t have the lift-away feature. Instead of the lift-away, it comes with 10 feet 7-inch long suction hose. And, the hose length is pretty enough for cleaning stairs by keeping the whole machine on the floor – but it’s not the exact solution instead of the lift-away feature. 

On the other hand, the shark zu561 boasts this model with lif-away functionality. Sadly it’s not the powered lift-away feature. It means you can’t use the main motorized floor nozzle when using it on lift-away mode. But the non-powered lift-away is not too bad. You can use non-motorized tools for cleaning tight spaces, stubborn pet hair, stairs, and upholstery.

Dust cup size: Both shark model comes with bagless dust cup. The dust cup size of the Shark ZU62 is 2.8 quarts (2.6 Litres). 

On the other hand, shark navigator zu561 dust cup capacity is 2.2 quarts (2 liters), Which is smaller than the ZU62. It’s not a big deal. You do not have to empty the dust canister often. The canister size is pretty enough for cleaning the small to medium-sized apartment.

Maneuverability: A weighty vacuum always turns the cleaning jobs into the most laborious tasks. 

The Shark navigator ZU561 is more lightweight than the Shark ZU62. Its weight is only 13.4 LB. You’ll feel it lighter when you move back and forward on the carpet. It’s very easy to push back and forward. The job is effortless. The turning of the head is not perfect and smooth like shark premium units, but it’s good enough if you judge its price. 

On the other hand, shark pet pro ZU62 is a bit heftier than Shark ZU561. Straight and forward movement is effortless on carpeted and hardwood floors. Turning is not so great, but it’s okay, and I felt the cleaning head contact too much with the surfaces on the max suction setting. 

Suction Power:  Both shark navigator and pet pro, the full-sized upright vacuum has enough suction power to suck up embedded pet hair small to medium-sized debris effortlessly. Shark ZU62 boasts its suction power with an 1150 Watt motor. And the shark ZU561 boasts suction power by its 800 watts motor, which is smaller and serves less power than the ZU62.

Comparing the price: The Shark ZU561 retails for 200$, and the shark retails price around 250$. 

Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away (ZERO M)

shark zu561 navigator lift-away review
  • Model: Shark ZU561
  • Dust cup capacity: 2.2 quarts
  • Motor Power: 800 Watts
  • Dust Canister Bagless
  • Overall Rating: 4.7 Out Of 5
  • Price: $199

Shark ZU62 Navigator Pet Pro (ZERO M)

  • Model: Shark ZU62
  • Dust cup capacity: 2.8 quarts
  • Motor Power: 1150 Watts
  • Dust Canister Bagless
  • Overall Rating: 4.4 Out Of 5
  • Price: $249

Shark zu62 vs zu561 – What are the similarities between both shark vacuums?

  • First of all, both shark models boast Zero M technology. In our pets and short hair cleaning test, both work well and successfully kept the brush roller tangle-free. 
  • The shark zu62 and zu561 contain complete-sealed technology, which means all the air entering the vacuum is forced through the filtration system before being exhausted. And the included HEPA filter is capable of trapping 99.9% dust from the exhausted air by the machine. 
  • Both models have a suction control slider on top of the wand, and it’s advantageous – when you need to adjust the suction power according to surfaces. 
  • You will get three tools on both models when unboxing. Both include one Duster Crevice Tool, Hair Removal Multi-Tool, and the Wide Upholstery Tool.

Shark zu561 review – Navigator Lift-Away (ZERO M)

shark zu561 navigator lift-away review

The shark navigator ZU561 Zero M full-size upright vacuum was the winner in our comparison test and a superb choice at this price. It features Zero M technology – powerful suction on carpeted and hard floor surfaces, lift-away functionality, and anti-allergen complete-sealed HEPA filtration technology. In our testing and head-to-head comparison, as we discovered, it has enough power to suck up all-size debris, pets hair, dander, human hair from single to medium pile carpeted surfaces. 

This shark navigator ZU561 earned 4.6 points considering its multi-surface cleaning test. It passed the most challenging edge cleaning test – I spread some amounts of chili flakes on my carpeted floor beside the baseboard. It cleaned up every small particle in two or three passes. 

Shark ZU561 pet hair picking up test

We found that the 2.2 quarts dust cup is bagless, straightforward to emptying, and has an effortless detach and attaching process. But, its size disappointed me during my big home cleaning task. It forced me to empty the dust cup often. 

If you look for a powerful and full-sized vacuum that should have powerful suction to clean up all types of carpet surfaces. This Shark ZU561 is for you. I hope it meets your home expectations. 

What we like

  • Powerful Suction
  • Lift-away mode
  • Zero M technology
  • Lightweight and effortless maneuverability
  • Anti-Allergen Complete-Seal Technology and HEPA filtration system

What we don’t like

  • Non-powered lift-away mode
  • LED headlight missing
  • Dust cup could be bigger
  • Single attachment storage 

Shark zu62 review – Navigator Pet Pro (ZERO M)

shark zu62 navigator pet vacuum

The shark ZU62 Navigator pet pro is designed to tackle pet hair. Its cleaning head comes with ZERO M technology. You’ll find some small combs located on the top of the brush roller, which removes stacking pet hair, long human hair, and other obstacles and keep the brush roller tangle-free. It’s beneficial for pet owners. 

The dust cup is slightly bigger than the Shark ZU62, and it’s a bagless canister. Also, it’s effortless to detach the dust canister. There is no lift-away mode available, which was disappointing to me. 

The shark ZU62 comes with three extra tools: a duster crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush. The saddest thing is it has only two storage for extra tools. 

shark ZU62  pet hair picking up test

Overall its suction is more powerful than the Shark ZU561. You will find a slider control nearest the handle to control the suction power you need for particular jobs. 

Overall, the shark ZU62 earned 4.0 stars against the ZU561, considering its missing features and higher price tag.

What we like

  • larger 3XL larger dust cup capacity
  • powerful suction
  • Long suction hose
  • The anti-allergen complete-sealed filtration system
  • Zero M self-cleaning technology

What we don’t like

  • No lift-away mode
  • two storage for extra tools

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Final Verdict: Shark ZU561 is the best budget-friendly solution if pet hair is a big concern.

Our first choice goes on the Shark ZU561 navigator full-sized upright vacuum, since this upright vacuum has lift-away, powerful suction, the zero M technology for actively removing hair from brush roller, complete-sealed air filtration technology. The HEPA filter can trap up to 99.98% dust mites, the most beneficial feature for allergy sufferers.

Lightweight design, effortless maneuverability-Considering all features, Undoubtedly, it’s a good deal for pet owners.

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