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Which Shark Vacuum Is Best For Pet Hair In The UK?

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The shark NZ801UKT is the best vacuum cleaner for removing pet hair. It’s an upright corded vacuum that comes with more advanced features, recommended especially for multiple pet owners. Its anti-hair wrap functionality and advanced brush roller combination keep the brush roll tangle-free.

We tested 18 shark models from different categories in the UK. Upright, stick, cordless, stick, handheld are the most familiar to homeowners.

which model clean pets hair properly?

Which one works well on multiple floors and has the best pet hair capturing capability?

Which one is affordable but serves better suction power?

We will discuss every essential criterion you should know when choosing a shark vacuum to clean pets’ hair and dander.

3 Best shark vacuum for pet hair UK

Best Shark upright vacuum for pet hair UK

Best Shark upright vacuum for pet hair uk

The Shark NZ801UKT upright vacuum cleaner is the best option for pet hair because it offers anti-hair wrap features and phenomenal suction power.

And its lift-way feature helps to transform this traditional vacuum into a handy and compact-sized cleaning machine, which is the most essential on stair cleaning tasks.

This model from shark passes through our multiple cleaning tests. Let’s discuss its combined features, And how they will be helpful on your house cleaning tasks.    

Pet hair and and dander cleaning test:

The shark NZ801UKT has anti-hair wrap features that actively remove hair and keep the roller tangle-free. This shark model renovates with advanced anti-hair wrap technology. You’ll also see little combs on top of the roller housing, which seamlessly eliminate hair from the roller and helps to keep it tangle-free as much as possible.

Our first test was carpet surface cleaning with pet hair. I used 2.5 to 3-inch pet hair, 2 grams of pet hair and dander spread on carpet, and smashed with a roller, then attempted to clean it. I vacuumed for 1 minute to clean the surface, and it seamlessly sucked 100% hair and dander in a single back and forward pass.

Shark upright vacuum for pet hair-cleaning test image

Anti-hair wrap test with long human hair:

It was our 2nd test with long human hair, and we used 1 gram of 6-inches long human hair. Spread them all on the top of the carpet. Then we smashed well with a roller then attempted to vacuum. No problem we faced with this Shark upright vacuum; its powerful suction and dual cleaning brush performed well to pick all hairs, as well as its little combs eliminate hair and keep roller brush tangle-free.

Our third test was the most challenging for this shark model, and it was our final test. We used 2 grams of 18-inch long human hair. Only 13% of hair tangled on the roller brush. We gave it to run for some minutes; yes, it did the job done. It takes some time to eliminate tangled hair from the roller brush by itself.

Our verdict:

This shark NZ801UKT have passed all the most challenging test and performed well on multiple surfaces. It’s a lift-way vacuum model, which makes it convenient for stair cleaning. Two led headlights illuminate the darkest area under the furniture and the toughest corner in your house.

If you are a multiple pet owner and want to keep your lovely house neat and clean without bothering your beloved pets, the shark NZ801UKT is the best option for you.

Best Shark cordless pet vacuum UK

Best Shark cordless pet vacuum UK

The shark IZ300UKT is the latest cordless vacuum cleaner on its cordless lineup. It has Powerfins instead of roller brushes, which is far better than the older roller brush model and very useful on pet and long human hair cleaning. Not only that, in this newest model, you can shift the cleaning surface from hardwood floor to carpet with its advanced LED control panel. Also, You can raise the suction power from lower to higher, which is more functional and very easy to operate than the previous models. The digital display also shows the run time and battery charge level. It’s a helpful feature to monetize the battery charge level. 

Pets and long human hair cleaning test

We completed all tests by keeping its suction power at the lowest point. 

The shark IZ300UKT is duo clean means it has two rollers, a soft one in the front and the second one located at the back—an excellent combination for cleaning hard floors and carpets. 

We used to pick up 18-inch long human hair from hardwood and carpet surfaces. We haven’t faced any problem by keeping its suction power on ECO mode- It has the better capability to suck long human hair without stacking on the roller. Thanks to its Powerfins technology. 

Shark cordless pet vacuum cleaning test

Our second test was, picking fine dust, sand and pet hair.

We spread 3 grams of pet hair, 110 grams of sand, and 30 grams of fine debris on hardwood and carpet surfaces. Then we attempt to suck them by keeping the suction power at the lower setting. After hoovering 2 minutes, the carpet looked new, not a single hair stack with the roller. I attached some of our testing photos below. 

Our Verdict

If you have multiple pets and are annoyed by hair tangling problems, the shark IZ300UKT is the most excellent option. It can hold your cleaning routine for 60-min on ECO power mode, which is enough for sucking up debris, pets hair, long human hair, and fine dust properly. Six LED lights brighten the cleaning path. It’s beneficial on furniture under cleaning.

Best shark lift away pet vacuum UK

Best shark lift away pet vacuum UK

The shark NV602UKT is our third recommendation for pets owner. It’s the best shark lift-away vacuum on the UK market, and it comes in two variants.

The NV602UKT means you will get pet tools with the package, and the version NV602Uk means it does not contain pet tools.

The shark NV602UKT works well like other premium shark lift-away models, but this lift-away vacuum has a single bristle roller brush, which means it’s not a duo clean hoover. But it works well on multiple surfaces in our test.

This shark NV602UK hoover has a foot pedal release, which is supposedly a convenient way to remove the pot for lift-away mode.

In our test, we have thrown some 2 to 3-inch pet hair on its path, and it sucked 100% hair on a single front and back pass.

shark lift away pet vacuum test on carpets and hard floor

Works well on hard floor test, you will see cleaning surface changing switch located on the top of the pot. The first position is off mode, second or middle position of this switch indicates hard floor mode. If your want to use this vacuum on carpets, flip the switch in the third position.

Which shark hoover is best for pets?

After testing the top 12 shark vacuums, we reviewed the three models and recommended them for pet owners. 

Our first recommendation was the shark NZ801UKT, an upright corded hoover that offers lift-away functionality. The duo clean floor-head is a superb combination for cleaning on multiple surfaces. You’ll see that NZ801UKT has anti-hair wrap features, which is more advance to keep the roller tangle-free, some small combs located on the top of the bristle roller that actively remove hair. 

Our second recommendation was shark cordless pet hoover, which was Shark iz300ukt. This model for those who are want to avoid annoying power supply cords. Shark has three different cordless versions. The iz300ukt is the latest upgraded hoover, chock full of features. You’ll see its design, suction power, maneuverability all are the same as the older versions. Only two things are different from than oldest models. It has powerfins instead of the bristle roller brush, which is most effective on pet and long human hair cleaning.

And the third recommendation was the shark lift-away pet vacuum. Most shark upright vacuums offer lift-away features, with a duo clean floor head. Instead of those upright models, this shark NV602UKT has a single bristle roller—no problem we faced during the multi-surface cleaning test. And the foot release pedal is more convenient to transform it on lift-away handy-sized. 

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