Kenmore 21814 vs 81714

Kenmore 21814 vs 81714 – Which Will Be Best For You?

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The Kenmore 21814 elite canister bagged vacuum has some stellar features- the dirt-sensing technology, additional bare floor, and above cleaning brush attachment – that make it stand out from the Kenmore 81714 ultra-plush lightweight canister vacuum. 

Firstly, the Kenmore 21814 features a telescoping wand, dirt-sensing technology, HEPA filtration, motor-powered cleaning head, auto cord rewind, and two action surface cleaning mode for all types of floor cleaning.  

On the other hand, the Kenmore 81714 700 series offers similar features as the Kenmore 21814, Except for dirt-sensing technology, above-cleaning brush, and bare floor-cleaning brush attachments.   

Our verdict: Which one is worth buying, Kenmore 21814 or 81714?

Both Kenmore vacuum is pet friendly and comes with pet attachments. Also, the primary cleaning heads are motor-powered, so there will be no issues you’ll encounter while cleaning different pile carpets. 

Note: both canisters cleaning performance on all types of flooring was identical. The Kenmore elite 21814 retailing price is 50$ to 70$ higher than the Kenmore 81714 because it has a few stellar features, such as Dirt-sensing technology and hard floor and above-ground cleaning brush attachments. The choice is yours. You may choose anyone between the two. 

Kenmore 21814 vs 81714: Which model is most effective on carpets floor?

We test both canister vacuums on different height carpets and rugs. In the beginning, we spread 60 grams of a mixture of sand on each different pile of carpet, and then we vacuumed for 40 seconds. After that, we measured all the collected dust using a kitchen measurement scale. Surprisingly, both vacuum’s performances were similar. 

The manufacturer advertised that both canister vacuums are mostly suitable for clearing all different pile carpets and rugs. In our multiple tests, we found that it’s realistically practical. 

Our tester gave 4.8 stars out of 5 to both vacuums for their suction adjustment setting, height adjustment setting, and the brush roller on/off option. 

Are Canister Vacuums Good For Carpet?

Kenmore 21814 vs. 81714: How was their effectiveness in cleaning dust from hard floors?

As we said above, both canister vacuums are compatible with all types of flooring, whether carpets, hardwood floors, tile floors, or bare floors. 

Any vacuum with strong suction can be a good option for hard floors. In that case, Kenmore 21814 and 81714 have been designed for multi-purpose use along even different height carpets and pets. So, both vacuum cleaning head is motor powered and has the option to keep the brush roller on or off according to your needs. 

To evaluate hard floor pickability effectiveness, we spread a few grains of sand and some small and larger debris. The result was identical for both canisters. 

Note: For both canister vacuums, you need not adjust physical attachments while transitioning to carpets, hard floors, or stairs. You only need to keep the switch position at the hard floor option. 

Bonus, the Kenmore Elite 21814 has a hard floor brush attachment, which makes it more convenient for hard floors. 

Difference between included attachments

Kenmore Elite 81714 (4 Attachments)

  • Motorized Pet brush
  • Horsehair Dusting Brush
  • Horsehair Floor Brush
  • Crevice Tool

Kenmore Elite 21814 (5 Attachments)

  • Motorized Pet Power Mate
  • Horsehair Dusting Brush
  • Horsehair Floor Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Fan Tool

Difference -1: The Dirt-Sensing Technology

The Kenmore Elite 21814 Pet Friendly bagged canister vacuum features Dirt-sensing technology. A blue light located on the top of the primary cleaning head will illuminate to show that the dirt is being vacuumed. This dirt-sensing feature only works when the slider switch to the carpet position, which means this feature only works on the carpet’s floor. 

The Kenmore 81714 lightweight canister vacuum doesn’t have this option. 

There are a few major flaws we found on both Kenmore 21814 and 81714

  • The manufacturer claims that both vacuums are pet friendly. Also, they included a pet Power mate upholstery brush with it. The major downside is that the vacuums don’t have anti-hair wrap features that prevent hair from tangling around the brush roller. As a result, pet and human hair often tangled around the brush roller in our testing period. And most of the time, we cleaned it with scissors. 
  • As both canister vacuums are designed to suit multi-surface cleaning jobs, I haven’t any complaints about their carpet’s cleaning performance. As advertised, both can work well on hard floors. But, there was no soft brush roller like the shark duo clean canister vacuum. It is more effective on bare floors, hardwood floors, and tiles. And it can clean 94% of the fine dirt in a single pass. 

Should you choose Kenmore Elite 21814 or Kenmore 81714?

Now, at the end of the comparison guide, you know the main differences between the Kenmore Elite 21814 and Kenmore 81714. 

To make the best choice, ask yourself. 

  • Is your floor mostly carpeted? If so, you may go ahead with anyone between Kenmore 21814 and 81714. Both vacuums have 4-different height settings to match the cleaning head with the carpet’s pile, whether rugs, deep-pile, super-soft, shag, or ultra-plush carpet. 
  • Do you have pets? If any, both Kenmore canister vacuum comes with the pet Power mate brush; using it, you can clean any sticking pet hair from upholstery and pet beds. 

The Kenmore Elite 21814 runs 50$ to 70$ more than the 81714 because of having dirt-sensing mode and above cleaning brush attachments. Except for these additional features. The Kenmore 81714 has all the major features to improve your cleaning performance. 

So, I hope the Kenmore 81714 will be your best budget bet.

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