Shark az910ukt vs nz801ukt

Shark az910ukt vs nz801ukt – Which one should you Pick?

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The shark az910ukt and nz801ukt are the full-size duo clean anti-hair wrap vacuum. Both models featured duo-clean floor head and powered lift-way functionality that simplifies daily home cleaning tasks. 

Both shark models would be the best choice for pet owners, although you won’t buy both models. You have to choose one between the two. 

But, Which one should you choose?

Which one would add extra value to your cleaning routine, despite its similar features? 

What is the difference between shark az910ukt and nz801ukt?

To take your decision one step further, here’s the brief of the whole comparison.  

  • Both shark AZ910UKT and NZ801UKT is the true pet version. You will get similar pet tools attachment in both models. 
  • The motor wattage, suction power, filtering section, dust cup capacity, cord length and the hose length is similar on both models.
  • Both upright models have the powered lift-away, which means the main wand is still powered even if the dust cup detaches from the main body. This powered lift-away helps transform the full-size vacuum machine into a portable cleaner, enabling you to clean stairs, hard-to-reach corners, and under the furniture. 

Despite all these similarities, one big difference grabbed our attention when we tested them side by side, which is the suction control slider. That has in the shark NZ801UKT. It allows you to reduce suction power during carpet cleaning—only this feature is lacking on the shark AZ910UKT. The manual suction controlling feature is essential for a vacuum cleaner. It helps prevent sticking the cleaning head with the surface by reducing the suction power. 

We evaluated the shark AZ910UKT and NZ801UKT based on suction power, motor power, dust cup capacity, reliability, portability, construction and overall multi-surface cleaning performance. Our favorite and the winner is the Shark NZ801UKT, which is one step more advanced and a bit lighter than the competitor shark AZ910UKT.

The most exciting thing about the shark NZ801UKT is that it is the most sold upright vacuum in the UK. Also, its rating is above 10 thousand, and 84% of reviews are five stars. Despite the feature similarities, the shark AZ910UKT reviews are under 1 thousand.

A quick comparison of the shark AZ910UKT and NZ801UKT

Shark nz801ukt

  • Anti-Hair Wrap: Yes
  • Product Weight: 6.5kg
  • Cord Length: 8m
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.83L
  • Wattage: 750W
  • HEPA Filter: Yes
  • Floor Types: Hard Floor and Carpets
Value For Money

Shark AZ910UKT

  • Anti-Hair Wrap: Yes
  • Product Weight: 6.7kg
  • Cord Length: 8m
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.84L
  • Wattage: 750W
  • HEPA Filter: Yes
  • Floor Types: Hard Floor and Carpets
Overall Ratings

Shark az910ukt vs nz801ukt: Duo-clean floor head overview.

Sharks duo clean floor head means that its main cleaning head has two brush rolls, one is a soft brush roll, and another one is a bristle brush roll. The soft cotton roller remains at the front of the cleaning head, and the second one is located on the rear of the first one.

The main advantage of having a duo-clean floorhead is that you can easily clean medium to larger debris and fine dust from hardwood and carpets. The soft brush roll directly creates contact with the floor and gives the floor a polished look.  

In a duo clean floorhead system, both brush rolls are motor-powered, which means the whole vacuum system gets power from two motors. One is used to run the vacuum pump, and another motor is used to run the duo clean brush roll. So, there are no chances of losing cleaning power.

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Shark az910ukt & nz801ukt: Carpets and hardwood floor cleaning performance comparison. 

We tested the shark az910ukt and nz801ukt on carpets and hardwood floors to determine their actual cleaning performance. Surprisingly, both sharks did a good job, and we haven’t noticed any difference. Both shark models sucked 98% of debris on their path in a single forward and backwards pass. I appreciate the shark duo-clean technology.

Laminate floor cleaning test with az910ukt and nz801ukt

In our test of picking large debris from the hardwood and carpet floor, the fronted soft brush roll directly moves the dirt to the cleaning head. As a result, it’s possible to clean 96% of dirt from its path in a single pass. 

Carpets Cleaning test with az910ukt and nz801ukt

Shark az910ukt vs nz801ukt: Anti-hair wrap feature overview.

Sharks’ invented anti-hair wrap technology is another game-changing feature for a vacuum cleaner. From today onwards, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the messy vacuum brush roll after finishing daily cleaning tasks. You don’t have to cut wrapped hair with scissors from the brush roll. The shark az910ukt and nz801ukt, both models, featured the anti-hair wrap technology. You’ll notice some soft plastic fins remain in the gap of the bristles. That prevents long hair from getting wrapped tightly around the brush roll. Also, there are little combs on the top of the brush roll that actively remove wrapped hair from the brush roll. As a result, you’ll get incredible cleaning power continuously from the vacuum.

Shark az910ukt or nz801ukt: Does the powered lift-away add extra value?

The lift-away feature is another edition in shark models, two types of lift-away technology noticed in their models. One is a basic lift-away version, and another one is a powered lift-away. In the basic lift-away version, you can’t use the main wand and the motorised cleaning head when the dust cup remains detached. 

Shark az910ukt Powered lift-way mode

On the other hand, with the powered lift-away version, the main wand will have power despite the dust cup detached from the body. 

Shark nz801ukt powered Lift-away mode

The good news is that in the shark az910ukt and nz801ukt, both models featured this advanced powered lift-away mode. Cleaning stairs by handling a weighty full-size vacuum is a very pathetic and laborious task. And it’s impossible to go under the furniture with a full-size vacuum. A powered lift-away vacuum can solve these problems without any hesitation. Both models have a turbo pet tool, which is very useful for cleaning stairs and upholstery. 

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