Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor review

Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor Review – Is it powerful enough?

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The Dewalt DWFP55126 6-gallon air compressor is equipped with an oil-free pump that has the ability to deliver 2.6 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) of air at 90 PSI. The 6-gallon tank can safely hold the air at a maximum of 165 PSI, enabling long tool run time. We measured that the compressor takes 3 minutes and 38 seconds to fill the tank pressure at a maximum from ZERO, and the pressure recovery time was quick for the portable compressor. The manufacturers claim its noise level is 78.5 DBA, But we measured it as 86 DBA, which is comparatively louder. 

Our Verdict: Is the Dewalt 6-gallon air compressor worth your investment?

Now the question is, is the Dewalt 6-gallon compressor powerful enough for light to medium-duty tasks considering its specs?

First and foremost, How powerful the Dewalt DWFP55126 6-gallon air compressor depends on what kind of tools you will use. Generally, the Dewalt 6-gallon air compressor is suitable for a range of light to medium-duty tasks such as inflating tires, operating pneumatic tools like nail guns, for example, brad nail guns, finish nail guns, framing guns, roofing guns, and powering smaller air tools like spray guns or small impact wrenches for short time use.

However, it may not be sufficient for heavy-duty applications that require a continuous high volume of air, such as sandblasting, painting, or running large air tools for extended periods. For such tasks, a larger-capacity air compressor with a higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating would be more appropriate.

In-depth review of the Dewalt 6-gallon air compressor

You don’t need to assemble any parts, and the compressor will arrive in fully assembled condition by the manufacturer. As it’s an oil-free air compressor, it doesn’t require filling it with compressor oil. Also, you don’t have to attach any air filter to its air intake port. Just unbox the compressor, then plug it into a 120V power supply, and enjoy it. 


The Dewalt 6-gallon compressor is a pancake model, so the design is as usual as other pancake models. Pancake design is more convenient and compact, making them easier to carry than hot dog and twin stack models. 

You will notice two differences in design between the Dewalt 6-gallon pancake and the competitor’s 6-gallon pancake compressors. Number-1, the compressor is equipped with a single pressure gauge that only shows the tank pressure. There is no individual gauge for showing the outlet pressure. Instead of the outlet tool pressure gauge, it used a pressure-selecting knob that ranges from 0 to 165 PSI maximum. So, you have to keep the pressure knob position according to your tool’s working pressure requirement. This feature is more convenient than a regular 6-gallon compressor. 

The second difference is that the average 6-gallon air compressor uses a screw-type drain valve for draining the tanks. On the other hand, the Dewalt compressor is equipped Ball drain valve for quick & thorough tank draining. This one thing of Dewalt makes the tank-draining jobs easier than competitors.  


First of all, the Dewalt DWFP55126 is a homeowners grade 6-gallon portable compressor that is able to deliver 2.6 SCFM of air volume at 90PSI, and the maximum tank capacity is 165PSI. This spec indicates that it’s a light-duty compressor that can hold you up with any nail gun with decent pressure and flow rate. We tested this Dewalt compressor using an 18 gauge Brad nailer and got perfect 20 shots before the motor kicked on. The pressure recovery was surprisingly quicker, and you could keep your work continued while the compressor recovered the pressure. Even though we haven’t found any issues while testing this with a framing nailer, this compressor has two quick couplers, so you can use two nail guns at a time, but the compressor air volume is not adequate to run two framing nailers simultaneously. You should consider a 4 CFM air compressor to run two framing guns simultaneously in your professional job sites. 

Testimonials: What do the long-time users say about the Dewalt 6-gallon air compressor?

portable and powerful compressor for any job around the house

An excellent portable and powerful compressor for any job around the house!

The unit is overall pretty good for my regular household jobs. It is Small enough. It fits nicely in my garage, portable, so I can move it outside when I need to. It fills up bike tires, and car tires, runs my air tools, and even has the pressure & capacity to blow out my irrigation lines for winterization!


Good deal

Good deal

As a homeowner, this is all the compressor you’ll ever need. We had a large standup 30-gallon mcgraw 27 Gallon 200 PSI air compressor that we used in our business, but it was overkill for at-home general use after we retired. This portable compressor is incredible. It’s lightweight, only 30 lb, and quiet compared to the standup. And it gets the job done. Awesome product!


Its a bit loud but still worth the investments

Its a bit loud but still worth the investments

The Dewalt DWFP55126 offers a range of features that I appreciate. These include a built-in cord holder, regulator, two outlets, an easy-to-use pressure setting knob, large rubber feet, and a quarter-turn drain valve, most likely made of brass. While these features may be considered excessive for my regular tire pressure maintenance on a weekly basis, I intended to replace my Porter Cable C2002 with a unit that addressed a few specific concerns.
In comparison to the Porter Cable C2002, the Dewalt DWFP55126 stood out due to several improvements. Firstly, I wanted a reduction in noise levels, and the Dewalt model delivered with a noise rating of 75.5 dBA, significantly quieter than Porter Cable’s 82 dBA. Additionally, I desired a drain valve that was not of the screw type, as well as better rubber feet. The Dewalt unit satisfied both requirements, offering a more convenient quarter-turn drain valve and improved rubber feet.

Luis Gonzalez

Frequently Asked Question

Can the Dewalt 6-gallon compressor be used for framing?

Definitely, you can run framing nailers with this Dewalt 6-gallon compressor, but it has a limitation of air volume. Mostly framing nailers require 3-4 CFM of air volume if you are firing nails continuously. So this dewalt 6-gallon compressor can keep you up with any professional framing jobs with a single framing gun due to its higher tank pressure and 2.6 SCFM of airflow.

Is the Dewalt 6-gallon compressor powerful enough for impact wrenches?

We used this compressor with a 1/2-inch impact wrench for testing purposes, which required 6 CFM of air volume at 90 PSI. But the compressor air emitting capacity was less than the requirements. As a result, the compressor kept me up for a while, which was relatively enough to remove 5 lug nuts at once. We had to wait until the tank pressure reached its maximum level. 
So, this 6-gallon compressor is not ideal for running an impact wrench continuously. I recommend a bigger air compressor with a large tank and air emitting capacity for these air-hungry auto repair tools.   

What is the maximum pressure output of the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor? 

The Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor can deliver a maximum pressure output of around 165 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Is the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor portable enough? 

Yes, as you know, the pancake shape is the most compact and well-balanced, so in terms of the Dewalt 6-gallon compressor, it weighs 30 Pound, which is not too light or not too heavy, but its compact design allows you to carry and move it around at job sites easily.

Can the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor be used for inflating tires?

Yes, the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor can be used for inflating tires. It provides sufficient pressure to inflate tires quickly and efficiently. But you must have the accessories when doing this job. 

How loud is the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor during operation? 

The noise level of the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor is 75.5 DBA

Can the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor be used for airbrushing or other precision tasks?

While the Dewalt 6 Gallon Air Compressor can supply air for airbrushing, it may not be the most suitable choice for precision tasks that require very low air pressure or continuous airflow regulation. It is primarily designed for powering pneumatic tools and inflating applications.


The DeWalt 6-gallon air compressor is a reliable and efficient tool for various pneumatic tasks. Its compact size and portable design make it suitable for both light professional and DIY use. The compressor offers a maximum air pressure of 165 PSI, providing sufficient power to operate a wide range of low air-hungry pneumatic tools.

With its 6-gallon tank capacity, the DeWalt compressor can store an ample amount of compressed air, allowing for longer tool run times before needing to recharge. This feature is particularly useful in applications such as operating nail guns, staplers, inflating tires, and blow guns.

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