Dewalt Portable Air Compressor Reviews

Top 3 Dewalt Portable Air Compressor Reviews And Comparison

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There are three top-rated air compressors in the DeWalt portable compressor lineup. They are available in 6-gallon, 1-gallon, and 2.5-gallon sizes.

It may be cumbersome for you to choose the right one, as they differ from each other in airflow ratings, noise level, motor watt, and tank size.

So, which DeWalt portable air compressor will fulfill your criteria? 

If you need an air compressor that can hold your household mechanical tasks, like inflating bike, truck, and car tires, As well as supplying air into pneumatic nail guns and blowing out irrigation pipelines for winterization. Then the DeWalt 6-gallon portable air compressor will be the perfect fit for you. 

Dewalt 6 gallon air compressor review

Why do we prefer the Dewalt 6-gallon compressor among the top three models?

Tank size: The tank size is larger than the other two models. The Dewalt pancake DWFP55126 has a 6-gallon tank. And other two models are 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon. So, it can hold more air than the other two models. 

Tank Pressure: The Dewalt 6-gallon pancake compressor tank is rated 165PSI. It means the tank can hold air at 165 psi safely. 

Tank filling and recovery time: In our test, it took 3 minutes and 4 seconds to fill the tank from zero to max 165 PSI. That is considerable as a 6-gallon tank compressor.

Airflow rate: The Dewalt DWFP55126 can supply air of 2.8 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) at 90 PSI. 

Portable and Well balanced: It’s a 6-gallon pancake shape air compressor. The carry handle remains at the center of the top. So, you will not feel bulky when moving it around your job sites. Its weighing is only 30 lb. 

Hose connector: Dewalt allows you to use two applications simultaneously with the two quick connectors. 

What can you do with the Dewalt 6-gallon pancake air compressor? 

Before choosing the Dewalt 6-gallon pancake compressor, you should figure out the number of air requirements of your air tools. Air tool air requirements are rated in CFM (cubic feet per minute) and mostly need 90-100 PSI air pressure to operate safely.

If you choose the Dewalt 6-gallon compressor for nailing jobs, whether you’re using it for carpentry or in your garage, there is no problem you’ll face with its airflow capacity and the tank size. With 2.6 SCM air flowing capability at 90PSI and 165 PSI maximum tank pressure, these configurations are adequate to run any nail guns, whether it’s brad nailers, finish nailers, roofing nailers, or framing nailers. 

The Dewalt DWFP55126 6-gallon pancake comparison 

The Dewalt DWFP55126 retail price is around 150 $. 

Why choose Dewalt despite having 3 to 4 options from different brands? 

A typical 6-gallon pancake air compressor’s maximum tank pressure is rated between 125 to 150PSI. In that case, Dewalt’s 6-gallon compressor’s maximum tank pressure is 165 psi, which means it can hold more air than the competitors. 

A typical 6-gallon air compressor has two pressure gauge meters, one for showing the tank pressure and another for displaying the outlet air pressure. 

But, the Dewalt 6-gallon compressor comes with a single pressure gauge meter that displays the tank pressure only. Instead of a manual pressure setting gauge, Dewalt included the marked pressure adjusting knob. You can adjust the outlet pressure between 0 to 150 psi max by twisting the knob. 

Note: You may use this Dewalt 6-gallon compressor to run low to medium-duty air tools. Its airflow capacity is not appropriate for running high air demanding air tools, like HVLP gun, impact wrench, and air sander.

Dewalt 6-Gallon Air Compressor Competitors Chart

ModelTank SizeCFM RatingsTank PressureNoise Levelweight
6-gallon2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI165 PSI80 DBA30 Pounds
6-gallon2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI150 PSI82 DBA32.5 Pounds
6-gallon2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI150 PSI80 DBA29 Pounds
6-gallon2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI150 PSI86 DBA31.3 Pounds

Dewalt 1 gallon air compressor reviews – Dewalt D55140

Dewalt 1 gallon air compressor

Sometimes you need an air compressor for small jobs, such as low air consuming nail guns, inflating tires, or similar works around your home and garage. If so, the Dewalt 1-gallon portable air compressor must grab your attention, which has adequate airflow and a good size tank that is enough to run those low air-hungry nail guns. 

It’s small and compact, weighs only 24 pounds, and has a wide carry handle that makes it move conveniently. Four rubber legs remain under the body, making well gripping on the tiles floor. No moving issues we found while we tested. 

The 1-gallon tank is rated 135PSI, which means it can safely hold the tank pressure maximum of 135PSI. The 0.6HP motor is quite enough to fill the tank quickly. The motor needed 1 minute 14 seconds to fill the tank at maximum pressure from zero level. 

Is the Dewalt 1-gallon compressor worth the high price? 

The Dewalt D55140, 1-gallon air compressor retail price is 220$ on amazon, 190$ on Homedepot, and 219$ on Walmart. The price is too high for a 1-gallon compressor. 

Now the question is. 

Does this 1-gallon compressor still worth the high price?

My answer is NO.

Are there any good options available at this price tag? 

Yes, there are three 1-gallon compressors available from California air tools, Makita and Senco. These models serve similar features that you will get on Dewalt. Also, they cut your budget by less than 40-50$, and they are quieter than the Dewalt. 

If you can afford 220$, you can chose a 2-gallon quiet air compressor, that will be a good decision for you. You can choose the Makita 2-gallon compressor, which will deliver 2CFM of air at 90psi, the larger 2-gallon tank, super quiet operation, full-roll case protection, and will serve much more advantages. 

Dewalt 1 gallon air compressor Competitors Chart

ModelTank SizeCFM RatingsTank PressureNoise LevelPrice
DEWALT D551401-gallon0.75 SCFM @ 90PSI135-PSI75 DB220
Makita MAC100Q1-gallon0.7 CFM @ 90 PSI135-PSI58 DB180
Senco PC10101-gallon0.7 CFM @ 90 PSI125-PSI68 DB160
Metabo HPT EC28M1-gallon0.8 CFM @ 90 PSI125-PSI60 DB139
CAT-1P1060S1-gallon1.20 CFM @ 90 PSI120-PSI58 DB160
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