What size air compressor for airbrush

What Size Air Compressor For Airbrush? Guide For Beginners

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You may choose any size air compressor for your airbrush, but ensure that the compressor can deliver 0.8CFM at 40PSi. It’s the average working pressure and air requirements of airbrushes.

Notably, we found four kinds of airbrush compressors after lengthy research. They are cordless, portable, tankless, and tank type.

Cordless airbrush compressor:

Cordless airbrush compressors are most familiar for their independent operation, don’t require separate air compressors and hoses for involved in jobs. Built-in rechargeable batteries work as the primary power source. You must recharge the unit after the battery powers go down-this is the drawback for a cordless unit. On the other hand, cordless airbrush compressors can’t supply air for an extended period.

According to all scenarios, cordless airbrush compressors are ideal for makeup, nail arts, food & cake decoration, and miniature scale model painting. 

Portable airbrush compressor:

These types of models get power from 110V/12V adapter, pump, on/off switch, pressure regulator assembled in a compact box. There is no storage tank inside. It runs continuously while the air is in use. You should connect the hose, airbrush kit, moisture trap with the compressor to make the unit ready for to job. Their air delivering capacity is not adequate for professional painting – Delivers sheer amount of air, ideal for beginners and students.

Airbrush compressor with tank or Tankless:

When choosing an airbrush compressor for professionals, the piston-type air-pump compressor would be the best choice. They are designed for running long periods – deliver much more air with sustained pressure than cordless ones. 

Some model has a tank for storing compressed air, and some models are tankless. Which one should you pick?

With tank or tankless, you may choose anyone between them. 

Tankless airbrush compressors run continuously while the air is in use – and they get turned off automatically while you stop using air. 

On the other hand, the tanked airbrush compressor keeps running until the tank pressure doesn’t touch the maximum position – and the motor kicks on when the tank pressure goes below the limit – and raises the tank pressure again. It’s a continuous process. You will get constant air pressure from the tank-type unit. 

Best portable airbrush compressor: 

It’s too easier to find the wrong cordless airbrush compressor when shopping. Advertise lots of features, but when it comes to using them physically, they fail to serve enough power – lastly, they are turned into trash.

So, it would be a better entry with a portable air compressor for your hobbyist art projects. 

What is the best psi for airbrushing, and how to adjust the pressure?

As a beginner, set the pressure between 20 to 25 PSI. And it depends on your painting projects, what kinds of painting you want to complete with it – it would be painting t-shirt, canvas, scale models.

How to adjust the pressure correctly? 

How much CFM for airbrushing?

Airbrushes require lower airflow than a nail gun, their air consumption rate around 0.6 to 0.8 cubic feet per minute. Which very sheer amounts of air, but they require consistent airflow. Buying a tank air compressor is an ideal choice for continuous airbrushing.

Can you use any air compressor for airbrushing?

Yes, you can if the air compressor’s airflow and pressure match the airbrush’s requirements pressure.

Any size meant all of that compressors are available around your home, garage, woodworking shop, whatever, it might be 1-gallon, 3-gallon, 6-gallon, 20-gallon, 30-gallon, even 60-gallon in size.

Before beginning with a regular home shop or portable compressor, make sure are they oil-free or oil-lubricated. Don’t use these air compressors for applying color on food or cake decoration painting. Must attach a moisture trap on compressor air outlet plug.

Can you use a large compressor for airbrushing?

Yes, you can use any large air compressor for airbrushing. But I didn’t recommend buying a large compressor for airbrushing. If you already have a large compressor in your garage and don’t want to expense for dedicated airbrush compressor, it would be an excellent decision to utilize the garage air compressor for hobbyist airbrushing. 

Probably, you know that large air compressors are very loud, and they are oil-lubricated. So, some of precautions must have to recourse when used.  As they are large and equipped with oil-lubricated pumps, nothing unusual, tiny drops of oil can come with air while spraying. So, install air filter/moister traps for capturing oil and moisture when air passes through the filter.

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