Hyundai hy27550 review - 50L silent air compressor

Hyundai hy27550 Review – Does It Worth Buying?

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Firstly, you’re here to ensure that the airflow capacity and tank size of the Hyundai hy27550 are practically suitable for your air tools whether not? 

If the air displacement capacity, tank size, noise level, maximum tank pressure, and pressure recovery time meet your requirements, then the second question would be; does this 50l air compressor worth buying? Or are there any good options in this price range?

Yes, there is an alternative to the Hyundai hy27550 from RocwooD. The tank size, air displacement capacity, noise level, and other major features are identical to the Hyundai hy27550. 

We briefly discussed this RocwooD in the alternative section of this review guide. 

Hyundai hy27550 – 50L Silent Air Compressor

  • Tank Capacity: 50 Litres
  • Sound Level: 60dB
  • Air Displacement: 11 CFM/300 Litres Per Minute
  • Tank Pressure: 7 BAR
  • Pressure Recovery Time: 25 Seconds
  • Tank Filling Time: 2 minutes and 36 second
Value for money

In-depth review of the Hyundai hy27550 – Silent 50L air compressor

Before making a final buying decision, ensure that the air displacement capacity, tank size, and tank pressure of this Hyundai hy27550 are sufficient to run your air tools. 

Air displacement capacity: 

This ‎Hyundai ‎HY27550 silent air compressor used two pumps, 750 watts each. Each one can deliver 5.2 CFM or 147 litres of air per minute, this compressor has two of these pumps, so the total air displacement capacity stands at 10.4CFM/294 litres per minute. 

What type of air tools could you run with this airflow (10.4CFM/294Litres)?

According to the air displacement capacity of the Hyundai HY27550, you can run any lower to medium air-consuming tools, like as HVLP paint sprayers, model airbrushes, tire inflating, nail guns, small demanded sandblasters, 3/8 impact wrenches and much more.

Tank size, maximum tank pressure and recovery time: 

This Hyundai HY27550 is a 50L horizontal air compressor. You know that the larger the tank size, the more air it can store and serve compressed air for a long time. 

Maximum tank pressure: 

Hyundai claims the Hyundai HY27550’s maximum tank pressure is 100PSI/7BAR. The maximum tank pressure of air compressors means that the tank can safely store air at around 100 PPSI. 

Pressure recovery time OF the Hyundai HY27550

This is another essential key feature for an air compressor; how long does the compressor take to fill the tank from ZERO to Maximum level? Every air compressor has a cut-in and maximum cut-off level. When the tank pressure touches the lower pressure level, the motor starts pumping air, and when the tank pressure reaches a certain max level, the motor turns off. 

The time duration gap between the compressor motor getting turned on and off is called pressure refill or recovery time. The refill time varies on compressor air pumping capability and tank size.  

Regarding the Hyundai HY27550, it takes around 2 minutes and 36 seconds to fill the 50-litre tank from the pressure level ZERO to Maxiumu 100PSI/7BAR. If we talk about the pressure recovery/refill time of this Hyundai HY27550, which was so rapid. In our tests, it took around 25 seconds to recover the pressure from a certain lower level to the maximum.  

Does the Hyundai HY27550’s tank size, recovery time and tank pressure well suited your jobs?

To understand the practical performance of this Hyundai HY27550, we tested it with running standard HVLP paint sprayers and 3/8 and 1/2 inch air impact wrenches. The air requirements of these tools were around 10 to 20 CFM. So, you might be understood how the Hyundai HY27550 performed. The compressor capacity is okay to run a 3/8 impact wrench for a short time, but it is not a better option for a continuous run.

And the maximum tank pressure of the Hyundai ‎HY27550 is 7 bar, which is not adequate to run the impact wrench continuously; most 1/2-inch impacts require around 10 to 15 CFM/230 to 424 litres of air and perform significantly better at above 110PSI/8 bar.

And the second thing was if you’ve planned to choose this Hyundai HY27550 for your car painting shop, it would be the wrong choice. Most HVLP paint sprayers require 290 to 500 litres of air per minute. In that case, you may choose this 50L compressor for DIY painting and moderate painting jobs.

The alternative to the Hyundai HY27550 

Hyundai is the most popular and serves reliable quality, but the price is slightly higher than the competitors. The approximate cost of the Hyundai HY27550 silent 50-litre air compressor is around £347 in the UK. On the other hand, our today’s alternative from ‎RocwooD costs around £280. It saves nearly £70. 

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Here’s a brief comparison between the Hyundai HY27550 and the alternative RocwooD 50L compressor

Hyundai 50L air compressor

  • Tank size: 50 Litres
  • Motor Watts: 1500W
  • Maximum Tank Pressure: 100 PSI/7Bar
  • Airflow Capacity: 300 litres per minute
  • Compressor Type: Oil-Free
  • Sound level: 60 DBA
  • Product Dimensions: 67 x 36.5 x 67.5 cm
  • Weight: 37 Kilograms

RocwooD 50L compressor

  • Tank size: 50 Litres
  • Motor Watts: 1500W
  • Maximum Tank Pressure: 116 PSI/8Bar
  • Airflow Capacity: 300 litres per minute
  • Compressor Type: Oil-Free
  • Sound level: 80 DBA
  • Product Dimensions: 780 x 360 x 710mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 39 Kilograms
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