Best Kenmore Canister Vacuum

3 Best Kenmore Canister Vacuum Reviews And Comparison Guide

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In the world of canister vacuum cleaners, the Kenmore is in second position with a strong reputation for offering stellar features and strong suction power at an affordable price. 

Kenmore canister vacuums are mostly bagged and equipped with dual motor systems that suit any hard and carpets flooring. 

In this guide, we’ll review and compare the top-rated Kenmore canister vacuums. We have tested a full selection of Kenmore canister vacuums in daily home environments to find the best option at a lower price. 

What Is The Best Kenmore Canister Vacuum? 

The Best Kenmore Canister Vacuum we have tested is the Kenmore 81714 ultra lightweight 700 Series. A reasonably priced and pet-friendly bagged cleaning machine always earned 4.8 stars out of 5 in our cleaning tests on all types of carpets and hard flooring. You can adjust the cleaning head height according to surface needs. It has a suction control slider for adjusting the suction power. A dual-mode sliding switch near the fingertips allows you to transition the cleaning head from carpeting floors to hard floors without attaching any physical attachments. If you need to clean pet hair from upholstery, stair, or pet bed, choose this Kenmore 81714. It comes with a motorized pet PowerMate brush, and the HEPA filtration makes it pet-friendly. 

Best Kenmore Canister Vacuum Overall – Kenmore 81714 

The Kenmore 81714 is our favorite all-around canister vacuum—it has multiple height adjustment options, an electrically suction controlling feature, and two different surface cleaning modes—it’s an ideal canister vacuum for all types of flooring. Even performed well on Shag rug, deep pile, super-soft, and ultra-plush carpets. 

The Kenmore 81714 offers reliable suction power to suit different surfaces, available at a lower price that won’t drain your pocket. 

What’s To Like: 

  • 2-Motor system design: Meaning that the agitator/brush roller is motor powered. This powerhead system cleaning head can serve strong rotation power to deep clean all types of carpets flooring. Even it performed well in our tests on hard floor cleaning. A 3-way mode changing switch lets you match the vacuum to the surface type. Keep the slider switch at hard floor settings while cleaning hardwood floors for better effectiveness. Slide the switch to carpet mode to run the suction motor and the PowerMate agitator. 
  • HEPA Filtration: The Kenmore 81714 is wholly sealed and comes with a HEPA filtration system that ensures the exhaust is completely clean and allergen-free. It could be beneficial for pet owners and allergy sufferers.  
  • Telescoping Wand: This Kenmore canister vacuum telescoping wand will give the above cleaning opportunity with its size-adjusting functionality. 
  • Bare floor cleaning:  As I said, this is the best overall Kenmore canister vacuum. It has solid and adjustable suction power that suit all kind of surfaces. In our hard floor cleaning tests, it earned a solid 4.7 stars out of 5. Note: You must keep the slider switch position at hard floor mode while cleaning the hardwood floor for better effectiveness. Otherwise, the agitator will keep spinning and scatter debris around. 

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Best Budget Kenmore Canister Vacuum: Kenmore 81214 200 Series

If you’re looking for the best Kenmore canister vacuum at an affordable price, consider the Kenmore 81214 from Kenmore 200 series. It’s a bagged canister vacuum. 

This Kenmore bagged canister vacuum offers the same dual-motor system and HEPA filtration as the Kenmore elite and CrossOver models. 

In our low pile carpets and hard floor cleaning tests, the Kenmore 81214 performed well, and the cleaning effectiveness was closely similar to other Kenmore Mid-budget models. It serves reliable suction power and easy maneuvering ability for carpets cleaning, even on bare floors. 

The Kenmore 81214 features a 2-Way slider switch that lets you turn the brush roll motor on and off to suit different surfaces. It doesn’t feature the Kenmore innovations like the telescoping wand, Dirt sensor, and LED headlights, and it lacks the electrically suction control. Instead, it offers a manual air inlet gate that works as the suction control feature. The manual suction control allows you to change the vacuum suction according to the height and thickness of the carpet. 

Considering all the features compared to this affordable price, it will be your best option. 

Best High-End Kenmore Canister Vacuum – Kenmore Elite 21814

Kenmore Elite 21814

Kenmore’s most innovative technology, the dirt sensor, telescoping wand, and crossover feature, makes the Kenmore Elite 21814 the most High-End cleaning machine of their canister vacuum lineup. 

The most exciting thing is that the cleaning effectiveness of the Kenmore Elite 21814 on bare and different-height carpets was similar to Kenmore’s mid-budget canister model, according to our testing results. 

Let’s discuss the stellar features that turned it into a high-end canister vacuum. 

  • Enhanced Dirt Sensor Technology: Kenmore Elite 21814 has the dirt-sensor feature. It works when the slider switch on the carpet position. A blue LED is located on the front of the cleaning head. That illuminates when dirt passes through the nozzle. When the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, the blue light will turn off automatically. 

Comparison Table

ModelRecommended UsesWand TypeCord LengthCleaning Head TypeDirt Sensor
Kenmore elite 81714Multi SurfaceTelescopic26 – FeetMotorizedNO
Kenmore Elite 21814Multi SurfaceTelescopic26 – FeetMotorizedYes
Kenmore 81214Multi SurfaceStandard24 – FeetMotorizedNO
Kenmore 81414Multi SurfaceTelescopic26 – FeetMotorizedNO
Kenmore 81614Multi SurfaceTelescopic28 – FeetMotorizedNO
Kenmore BC3005Multi SurfaceTelescopic26 – FeetMotorizedNO
Kenmore BC7005Multi SurfaceTelescopic26 – FeetMotorizedYes

A detailed comparison guide is given below: How did we compare Kenmore canister vacuums? 

Kenmore has more than 10 canister models are extensive in the category of 200 series, 400 series, 600 series, 700 series, and 800 elite series. 

In this comparison section of this blog, we compared all the categories each other to find the right vacuum for your need. 

Let’s find out which Kenmore canister vacuum serves a value-for-money deal.

Kenmore 200 series vs 400 series canister vacuum

The Kenmore 200 series and 400 series canister vacuums are both popular models in the Kenmore canister lineup, designed to serve the true cleaning power to consumers. 

All models from the 200 and 400 series offer the most common features but contain a few differences that make them apart in suction power and overall cleaning performance.

  • Performance and Suction Power: The primary difference between the Kenmore 200 series and the 400 series is their suction power, that impact on their overall cleaning performance. The 400 series features a more powerful motor than the 200 series. As a result, they can produce higher suction than the 200 series. So, the 400 series can practically tackle more challenging cleaning jobs, such as cleaning dirt from the carpet bottom layer, removing embedded dirt, and removing pet hair from any surfaces. The powerful suction of the 400 series, Makes them an ideal choice for those who have pets and whose home requires heavy daily cleaning. On the other hand, the 200 series is well suited for standard cleaning tasks and regular cleaning on hard floors and low-pile carpets.
  • Design/Controls: The design and outlook of the 200 and 400-series canisters are similar. The first difference occurred in their cord length, the 200 series has a cord length of 24 feet, and the 400 series has a cord of 26 feet which is 2 feet longer compared to the 200 series. The second difference we found between the two models is the 400 series has a suction control slider at the top of the handle that makes cleaning more convenient by adjusting the suction level. And it also features multiple surface settings modes, making it easily suited to the cleaning head with the surface types. On the other hand, in the 200 series, both features are missing. The last difference we found in their wand, the 200 series offers a standard Aluminum wand; on the other hand, the 400 series, offering a telescoping wand.
  • Filtration System: Both Kenmore canister vacuums featured HEPA filtration systems at their exhaust port. This means that the exhausted air from the vacuum is 99% dust and allergen free, ensuring a clean and healthier environment inside the home.
  • Price Point: Due to the enhanced features and performance of the 400 series, it demands around $40 to $50 higher price tags than the 200 series.

Verdict: The 400 series stands out as a more robust and feature-rich option, ideal for homes with intensive cleaning needs, while the 200 series offers a more budget-friendly solution for standard cleaning tasks. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your cleaning requirements, budget considerations, and preferences for specific features.

Kenmore canister vacuum comparison between 400 series and 600 series

Hey there! So, you’re wondering about the difference between the Kenmore canister vacuum 400 series and the 600 series, right? Well, in this section, I will break it down for you in a friendly and approachable way.

First off, both of these vacuum series are pretty awesome and do a fantastic job of keeping your floors clean. 

Now, the main difference between the 400 series and the 600 series lies in their features and capabilities. The 600 series, the newer model, usually comes with upgraded goodies. You know how tech keeps evolving, right? The same goes for vacuums!

The 600 series boast more powerful suction, which means it can tackle stubborn dirt and pet hair even better than its older sibling. And let’s face it; those pesky pet hairs can be a real pain! Plus, the 600 series comes with a motorized pet brush, making it more convenient to remove stubborn pet hair from the beds, upholstery, stairs, and pet beds.

When it comes to design, you might find the 600 series is a bit sleeker and more modern-looking compared to the 400 series. It’s like the difference between a classic car and a shiny new model – both get you from point A to point B, but the newer one has that extra zing!

Now, here’s something important to consider: with the added features and improvements, the 600 series might come with a slightly higher price tag. But hey, if you’re a cleaning enthusiast and want the best, it could be worth it.

On the other hand, the 400 series is no slouch, either! It’s been around for a while and has proven reliable and efficient. If you’re on a budget or don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles, the 400 series could be a great choice.

In the end, whether you go for the 400 or 600 series, you’ll get a top-notch cleaning companion. Both are designed to make your life easier and your floors spotless – depending on your preferences and needs.

Note: The Kenmore 600 series has a cord length of 28 feet, that is 2 feet long compared to the 400 series.

Tips for Using Kenmore canister vacuum for tackling different cleaning jobs

Hey there! So, you’ve got yourself a Kenmore canister vacuum, and you’re wondering how to tackle different cleaning jobs with it. No worries, I’ve got your back! Let’s dive into it:

1. Hardwood and Tile Floors:

Alright, when you’re dealing with those beautiful hardwood or shiny tile floors, you wanna be gentle, right? First, switch off that brush roll or use the bare floor setting if you’re using a Kenmore canister vacuum with powerhead that definitely has a brush roller on/off switch. 

We don’t want any scratches ruining the show! Then, attach the floor brush or combo brush for the best debris pickup. Easy peasy! Just vacuum in nice, straight lines, and make sure you overlap each pass a bit to catch every last speck of dust and dirt.

2. Carpets and Rugs:

Time to dive into the cozy world of carpets and rugs! Now, you want that brush roll to be doing its thing here. So, switch it on and let it agitate those fibers for a deep-down clean. Oh, and don’t forget to adjust the vacuum’s height settings according to your carpet’s pile. The Kenmore canister offers 4 to 6 height adjustments doing the job more effectively. That way, you’ll get the most efficient suction possible. Slowly does it! Take your time in those high-traffic areas to get rid of the stubborn stuff.

3. Upholstery:

Oh, those comfy couches and chairs need some love too! Grab the upholstery brush or dusting tool to clean those fabric surfaces gently. If you have pets, the pet Powermate brush will do it better. But hold on a sec! Before you go all-out, check the fabric tag for any cleaning instructions. Safety first, right? And always vacuum in the direction of the fabric’s grain. We don’t wanna wreck those fibers while we’re trying to tidy up.

4. Pet Hair:

Ah, our furry friends leave their mark everywhere, don’t they? No worries, we can handle it! Get yourself a pet hair attachment or a turbo brush, and you’re good to go! Hit the furniture, the carpets, and even their cozy pet bedding regularly to keep that pet hair under control. Just remember, clean the brush roll and filters regularly too – that’s the key to maintaining that top-notch suction power.

5. Curtains and Drapes:

Time to tackle those curtains and drapes, folks! Grab the dusting brush with the soft bristles – we gotta be gentle with these delicate fabrics. Oh, and here’s a pro tip: recheck those fabric tags for cleaning instructions. Safety always comes first! And remember to keep the vacuum hose a bit away from the fabric to avoid any unwanted mishaps. We’re aiming for clean curtains, not ripped ones!

6. Stairs:

Ah, the tricky stairs! But fear not, we’ve got a solution. Use that handheld canister feature for some easy-peasy maneuverability. Attach a crevice tool or a small brush, and you’re ready to rock those stairs. And hey, start from the top and work your way down – just like a pro!

7. Ceilings and High Places:

It’s time to look up! We’re gonna tackle those ceilings and high spots. Pop on the extension wand and that dusting brush – they’re your best friends for this job. And remember, go for a low-power setting to keep the dust from flying all over the place while you clean. No one likes a dust shower, right?

8. Car Interiors:

Let’s not forget about our trusty rides! The handheld feature is perfect for cleaning car upholstery. Get the right car attachments and get to work on those car mats and carpets. Oh, and don’t forget to empty the canister before you start – we want the maximum suction power for this job!

9. Baseboards and Vents:

Baseboards and vents need some attention too! The crevice tool is your secret weapon here. It’ll get into those tight spots like a champ. Wipe down the baseboards first, and then let the vacuum do the rest. Easy as pie!

10. Regular Maintenance:

Last but not least, let’s talk about regular Maintenance. Keep your vacuum in top shape by emptying the canister and cleaning those filters regularly. Check for any pesky clogs in the hose, brushes, and attachments, and clear ’em out as soon as you spot ’em. And when you’re not using the vacuum, find it a cool, dry spot to chill – it’ll thank you for the TLC!

So there you have it! Armed with these tips, you and your Kenmore canister vacuum are ready to take on any cleaning job that comes your way. Happy cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of surfaces can I clean with a Kenmore canister vacuum?

Kenmore canister vacuums are capable of cleaning a wide range of surfaces, including hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, tile, laminate, and upholstery. The vacuum includes various attachments like Pet PowerMate, dusting brush, crevice tool, and other attachments for total home cleaning. These enable you to clean different areas of your home effectively.

Are Kenmore canister vacuums suitable for homes with pets?

Yes, Kenmore 600 series and elite canister vacuums can handle pet hair and dander efficiently. Look for models with specialized pet hair attachments and high suction power, as they can effectively winner for tackling pet hair.

How often should I change the dust bag or clean the canister?**

The frequency of changing the dust bag or emptying the canister depends on the vacuum’s usage and the amount of dirt and debris it collects. As a general guideline, we suggest checking the dust bag or canister after each use and replacing or emptying it when it’s around two-thirds full.

How often should I clean or replace my Kenmore canister vacuum filters?

The frequency of filter maintenance varies depending on the model and usage. However, cleaning or replacing the filters every three to six months is advisable to ensure optimal performance and maintain air quality.

Can I use the Kenmore canister vacuum on delicate surfaces?

Yes, mostly Kenmore canister vacuums offer adjustable suction settings or attachments specifically designed for delicate surfaces like curtains, lampshades, and other sensitive items. We recommend you keep the brush roller off when cleaning delicate surfaces.

Is there a warranty for Kenmore canister vacuums?

Yes, Kenmore typically offers a 1-year warranty for their canister vacuums.

How can I troubleshoot common issues with my Kenmore canister vacuum?

If you encounter any problems with your Kenmore canister vacuum, refer to the user manual for troubleshooting tips. Common issues may include loss of suction, unusual noises, or brush roll problems. You can contact Kenmore customer support for assistance if the issue is faced.

Where can I purchase replacement parts and accessories for my Kenmore canister vacuum?

You can find genuine Kenmore replacement parts and accessories at authorized Kenmore dealers, official brand websites, or through reputable online retailers. 

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