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Best Air Compressor For Home Garage UK

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Noise level, air displacement capacity, oil-free or oil-lubricated compressor pump, and tank size are the main facts you should consider when choosing an air compressor for your home garage. 

What size air compressor should you choose for your home garage in UK?

It depends on your tool’s air requirements. First, you should figure out the necessary air volume of your garage tools. 

Suppose you need to power up nail guns or lower air-consuming devices such as nail guns, airbrushes, or inflating car tires. An oil-free air compressor with an 8-12 Litre tank, 120 Litres/Minute air displacement capacity, and noise level less than 65DB is more than enough to get the job done. 

24 litres oil-free air compressor allows you to power up medium air-hungry tools. It might be blowing dust using a blow gun, putting air into big tires, or getting into small spray painting jobs around your home garage.  

If your garage tools require large amounts of air volume, choose a 50 Litre air compressor. If you want to keep quiet the garage environment when getting the jobs done, an oil-free compressor will suit you. 

Best Air Compressor For Nail Gun UK

Hyundai 8 litre air compressor – HY5508

Best portable air compressor UK
  • Air Displacement Capacity: 120 Litres / Minute at 100 PSI.
  • Tank Size: 8-Litre
  • Noise Level: 60 DB
  • Maximum Pressure: 7 Bar/ 100 PSI
  • Pump Type: Oil-Free
  • Item Weight: 15 Kg
  • Overall Review: 4.9 Out Of 5
Value For The Money

The Hyundai HY5508 is one of the best portable air compressors on the UK market. With 4 CFM (120 liters/min) air displacement capacity, this is perfect for anyone who looks portable compressor for nail guns, inflating tires, and small mechanic tasks around your garage. It’s portable and effortless to maneuver around job sites, and its weight is only 15 kg. 

Best Air Compressor For Home Garage UK

Hyundai 24 Litre air compressor – HY7524

  • Air Displacement Capacity: 5.2CFM/ 147 litres per minute
  • Tank Size: 24 litres
  • Noise Level: 60 DB
  • Maximum Pressure: 7 Bar/ 100 PSI
  • Pump Type: Oil-Free
  • Overall Review: 4.9 Out Of 5
Value For Money

This Hyundai 24 Litre air compressor is suitable for replacing your old small noisy compressor. After testing its noise level, air displacement capacity, and other essential fundamentals, we choose this quiet compressor as a value for money device.

What kind of air tools may you run with this Hyundai 24 Litre air compressor?

First of all, it can deliver 147-litre air (5.2 CFM) at 7 bar (100PSI), which is plenty enough to run airbrushes, nail guns, air blowguns. Even it could handle occasional spray painting jobs. Its size is small and easy to move around by its attached wheels. 

We interviewed seven users, and they were satisfied with its service. Surprisingly most of the interviewers were homeowners. They used it inside their workshop and praised its noise level, which keeps the working environment quiet as much as possible. You may continue your meeting besides when it runs. 

Best Compressor For Spray Painting UK

Hyundai 50 Litre Silent Air Compressor – HY27550

Best compressor for spray painting uk
  • Air Displacement Capacity: 11CFM/ 300 litres per minute
  • Tank Size: 50 litres
  • Noise Level: 60 DB
  • Maximum Pressure: 7 Bar/ 100 PSI
  • Pump Type: Oil-Free
  • Item Weight: 37 Kg
  • Overall Review: 4.9 Out Of 5
Value For Money

Most of the professional pneumatic paint sprayer guns required 6-10 CFM at 40-70 PSI. 50-70 Litre air tank is the ideal size to supply compressed air continuously.

Hyundai Electric HY27550 model is the perfect choice for supplying desired pressurized air to your paint sprayer.

This unit can produce 11 CFM airflow with maximum pressure 7 bar/100PSI, which is plenty enough for any professional paint spray job.

You may also use this Hyundai Electric HY3050V air compressor for operating high CFM consuming air tools, tools such as air sander, framing nailer, air hammer, pneumatic impact wrench and others.

This unit is the most powerful in each category and has two air release outlets, which allow you to use two air tools simultaneously.

How to choose an air compressor for a home garage in the UK?

An air compressor with sufficient airflow allows you to run nail guns, airbrushing, spray painting, and heavy-duty auto repair air tools. But, the airflow requirements differ according to the tool’s air consumption rates. Such as a small air compressor with 4CFM air displacement capacity is adequate to run all types of nail guns and airbrushing. On the other hand, small compressors’ air flowing rates are not enough to keep up with spray painting jobs. 

So, before choosing an air compressor for your home garage, you should figure out your tools’ air requirements.

What is the best size air compressor for nail guns?

It depends on how much air your nail guns will consume. Air consumption rates also depend on nail gun types, such as staple guns requiring fewer amounts of air than a framing gun. On the other hand, finish and brad guns need much more air than the stpale guns. 

Staple guns, finish nailers, brad nailers, and floor nailers consume similar amounts of air, and their average air consumption is between 56-80 litres/min (2CFM). On the other hand, framing, roofing, and palm nailers require airflow between 100-120 litres/min (4CFM). 

So, assuming that your nail gun’s total required air is 85 litres/min (4CFM) at 90PSI, according to that requirement, go for an 8-litre air compressor that can displace 113 litres of air in a minute.

Another 2 main facts you should consider for a home garage compressor

Oil-free or oil-lubricated compressor, which one suits your home garage environment?

Oil-free compressors do not require periodic maintenance and produce less noise than an oil-lubricated version.  

If you need a small or portable, even a larger 50l compressor for the home workshop, an oil-free version is a good choice, but they are not suitable for heavy-duty tasks. 

On the other hand, if you have the busiest workshop where the compressor must have the continuous running capability, and the air displacement capacity requirement is above 350 Litre/min, then choose an oil-lubricated air compressor. 

Oil-lubricated compressors require maintenance, which means you need to change the oil when it completes the periodic time. 

Is tank size matter for a home garage air compressor? 

The tank size isn’t a big deal if you only use it to inflate tires or paint models using an airbrush.  

The air compressor tank usually stores compressed air and ensures consistent airflow with stable pressure. 

Smaller tanks like 8, 10, and 24 litres are more than enough if used for nailing, inflating, airbrushing, and small painting jobs. 

For running a high air-consuming automotive tool like an air hammer, air impact wrench, professional paint spray gun, inflating big tires, putting air into a plasma cutter, and air sanders, a larger compressor with higher airflow capacity is compulsory.

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