California air tools 8010 review

California Air Tools 8010 Review – Best For Light To Medium Jobs

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The California air tools 8010 super quiet air compressor is a worthy choice if you consider it for nailing, heavy stapling, airbrushing, air blowing, or car tire inflating. 

Would you want to use it for running air hammers, air sander, or other high CFM air tools? Probably not. This cat 8010 is designed for handling light to medium jobs. 

We tested this 110V super quiet air compressor in our garage to see how it performed to handle nailing and inflating tasks. 

Setup: The air filter and wheels need to assemble before use. 

The California air tools 8010 is completely factory assembled. You don’t have to perform any most challenging assembling process. 

The air intake filter and two wheels come separately. An instruction guide is also included with this package, the instructions easy to follow. You need only 10-20 minutes to install with the unit. 

I used an adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver to install wheels. Tighten the nut until the lock washer is flat. 

The air filter is made with heavy-duty plastic. I use my hand to tighten the air filter, and it’s a straightforward process. Keep spinning the filter clockwise until you get proper tight. 

California Air Tools 8010

  • Oil-free pump requiers lower maintanance.
  • Provide 2.20 CFM at 90PSI.
  • Best for operating less demand air tools.
  • Ulta quiet: Noise level 60DB.

Performance: Ultra-quiet, Can handle small jobs without losing pressure. 

The California air tools 8010 is an ultra-quiet air compressor, you can expect an outstanding performance from it while at small to medium jobs. 

It delivers a max of 120 PSI (pound per square inch). The air displacement rate is 2.2O CFM @ 90 PSI, and 3.10 CFM @ 40. This air delivering range makes perfect for keeping you up for light to medium jobs. 

We use this California air tools 8010 to blow up my car tires, firing some nails into wood, upholstery tasks using a heavy-duty staple gun, blowing off the dust of tools, and framing jobs. Even It doesn’t disappoint me when I fire framing nails using a framing gun. 

A 120V dual piston compressor motor supplies the juice. It takes 2 minutes 41 seconds to raise tank pressure from 0 to 120 PSI. The recovery time is not so long if we compare it with other competitors. 

And tank size is 8 gallons and is made with steel, better than aluminum materials. We used an 18 gauge Makita brad nailer and get 22 shots keeping before the motor kicks on. And the pressure setting was 90PSI. 

Even we used pneumatic cut-off tools to see its maximum performance. Surprisingly it cuts 12% of 12mm steel rod. But the motor didn’t keep me up with that high air-consuming air tools. It didn’t make me upset. 

Design: well designed with oil-free pump. 

The California air tools 8010 is a well-assembled unit and every component installed in the factory. It Has an 8-gallon air tank. And this is a horizontal tank air compressor make with steel, which is more durable than aluminum. 

The 110V dual-piston pump sited on the top of the horizontal air tank. And it tightens well with 4 bolts – The motor sits upon 4 rubber bases. That reduces motor shaking while it turns on and off. 

When you need to move it to your garden or take it to a new location, the equipped wheels make it easy. The wheel kits come separately, and it’s effortless to install by yourself. The wheels are made of plastic. The large wheels make my nailing jobs easier in my yard, no problem I have faced when I move it on up the thick grass.

Let’s talk about the handle, and you can move it like a trolly. But the problem is, the handle is short, so you have to bend your body while it pulls and rolling around the job sites. The positive sign is, it takes less space when you will store it.

I faced a problem when draining the tank, that should be mention, I think. The gap between the surface and drain valve contains concise space, and it’s tough to reach the drain valve with my fat hand. It will be better to include bigger-sized wheels for getting a better experience while draining.

We found one thing that claimant your appreciate—the discharge pipe made with copper. But the competitors use plastic pipe, that causes broken after few months. So check it out when purchasing a brand new compressor unit.

Portability: it is heavier, but the wheels make it easy to move around. 

The weight of this unit is 37‎37.2 pounds, which is not lightweight. Do not lift it with one hand. Use two hands while lifting it on the truck or where it to lift. It comes with two plastic wheels kits, that’s are enough sizes to keep ample space between the surface. So, you don’t have to worried about the damage to the drain valve while rolling around the job sites. 

Noise level: Ultra-quiet.

The California air tools 8010 is run with an electric motor, and the motor RPM is 1680, which makes the unit quieter than the competitors. It could be the most excellent solution if you work in your workshop late at night.

The sound level is 60DB, less than a vacuum cleaner. When I used it to blow up my car tires outside the garage, I run a cordless drill beside my compressor. It amazed me with its lower noise level, and surprisingly the drill noise is higher than my air compressor.

I recommend this California air tools 8010 if you love your neighbors and don’t want to disturb them again while you busy at your workshop. 

Price: pricey, But would make happy all DIYers and hobbyist homeowners. 

The retails price of California air tools 8010 is between 240 to 260 dollars. This is a bit expensive, but if we compare it with competitors that offer the same features, the California air tools 8010 will won the game.

FAQ For California air tools 8010

Can I use this for airbrush painting?

Yes, no doubt. Airbrush required air pressure from 10PSI to 40PSI maximum. And a minimum of 0.5 CFM airflow is enough to keep them up in continuous painting.
Here are the California air tools 8010 Is serving 2.20CFM at 90 PSI (pound per square inch), which is much sufficient to run 3 or more airbrushes at a time.

Will this California Air Tools 8010A can run two nail guns at a time?

Yes, it is capable of running two nail guns at a time. If they consume less air, such as brad nailer, finish nailer, floor nailer, or a staple gun.
But it comes with a single Quick Connector, so you need to install a 2-way male air hose splitter for connecting two nail guns at a time. This California 8010A is an ideal compressor for nail guns inside your workshop.

How long does it take to fill the tank from empty to full pressure?

It took 2 minutes 41 seconds to raise the tank pressure from 0 to 120 PSI.

Can I spray paint with this California Air Tools 8010A?

The HVLP spray gun required 7-14 CFM at 30 to 40PSI to run contentiously. Where’s the California Cat 8010A delivers only 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI and, that is the sheer amount of air for a spray paint gun. But you will run a spray gun for a while because it’s an 8-gallon size tank, which allows for painting small surfaces.

Can I use this California Air Tools 8010A to run my roofing gun?

Yes, but it does not allow to keep with bump fires. you have to stop working, while it recovers the pressure.


BrandCalifornia Air Tools
Item Weight37.2 pounds
Product Dimensions26 x 14 x 23 inches
Country of Origin‎China
Tank Size‎8-Gallon
Tank MaterialStainless-Steel
Power SourceCorded Electric, ‎110 Volts
Motor TypeOil-free, Dual Piston
Motor Power‎1 HP
Motor RPM1680
Noise Level60 dB
Warranty Description1 Year Limited Warranty
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