Best 50-litre Air Compressor UK

Best 50-litre Air Compressor UK – 3 Options

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The 50-litre air compressors are ideal for spray painting and running small impact wrenches to moderate air sanders. 50-litres air compressors could be oil-free or oil-lubricated.

The air displacement capacity of 50-litre compressors could be different. A standard oil-free 50L compressor has an air displacement capacity of 11 CFM or 300 litres per minute and 14 CFM or 396 litres per minute for an oil-lubricated model. 

The 50L Air Compressors You can Buy

50l silent air compressor – Hyundai ‎HY27550

50l silent air compressor - Hyundai ‎HY27550

Firstly, the Hyundai ‎HY27550 is an oil-free 50l air compressor, indicating it will produce less noise than the traditional piston models and require ZERO maintenance. 

It has a 50l large tank capacity with 11CFM air displacement capacity, ideal for running any moderate air-consuming tools from nail guns to HVLP spray guns. 

The weight of this silent 50l compressor is 37 kg, that’s not a portable unit, but two medium size wheels make it easy to move around. 

As mentioned above, oil-free compressors make less noise than traditional piston compressors. We measured 67DB from 5 feet away, which means this Hyundai ‎HY27550 will be ideal for indoor use. Even you can run it at night. 

The 50l tank can handle 7bar/100PSI safely. It takes 2 minutes and 54 seconds to fill the tank from zero, and the refill time is pretty quickly, only taking 25 seconds. 

4 CFM Air Compressor

What you looked for in a 50-litre air compressor?

Should you buy Oil-less or oil-lubed model?

As I mentioned above, there are two types of 50-litre compressors oil-free and oil-lubed. The significant advantage of using an oil-free model is that you need not worry about maintenance, and they are more silent than the oil-lubed model. 

If you purchase a 50L compressor for your home garage, which will be used for painting, air blow guns, pneumatic impact wrenches and inflating tyres, then the oil-free models will be great. 

Does 50-litre compressors portable? 

50-litre compressors have two shapes, vertical and horizontal. The oil-free model’s weight is approximately 38 KG. Oil-lubricated compressors’ weight is higher than the oil-free models, which would be 45-50 KG. Both models have wheels to make them movable easily around the job sites. 

How loud is a 50-litre compressor? 

Most high-quality oil-free compressors are pre-lubed and sealed, which means the moving parts of the compressors are pre-lubed, and their air-pumping motor RPM is 1440. These are the reasons oil-free compressors produce less noise than the oil-lubricated version. In 50-litre oil-free compressors should be the noise level under 65DB. 

On the other hand, oil-lubricated compressors’ noise level starts from 80 DB, which is much louder.

Can you spray a car with a 50 litre compressor?

Typically pneumatic paint sprayer requires 7 to 9 CFM or 250 litres of air at 40 PSI/2.75 bar. The pressure level will depend on the viscosity of the paint that you’re spraying.

A 50L air compressor can deliver 11 cubic feet of air per minute or 300 litres. According to this air displacement volume, a 50l compressor is enough for continuous spray painting.

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