Shark anti hair wrap hoover reviews

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Hoover Reviews (Corded And Cordless)

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Shark anti-hair wrap stands for it keeps the brush roller tangle-free and removes tangled hair by itself. Sharks’ anti-hair wrap technology appears on their premium models.

We currently tested the most familiar sharks models with anti-hair wrap functionality. Also, we compared them side by side to make your purchasing decision easier and risk-free. 

Our selected models are from the sharks’ corded and cordless category. Which are shark NZ850UK, NZ801UKT, IZ201UKT and IZ300UKT. Maybe you heard about these models but couldn’t decide which one is value for the money. 

I hope this Shark anti-hair wrap hoover reviews and comparison guide will help you choose the best one. 

In this guide, you’ll get the answers to the following questions. 

  • What is shark anti-hair wrap technology?
  • How does Shark Hoover Anti-hair wrap work?
  • Is the shark anti-hair wrap worth it?
  • Does the shark anti-hair wrap capable to keeps the brush roller tangle-free? 
  • Previous bristle brush vs newest inclusive anti-hair wrap brush roller. Which is more effective?
  • Which model will fulfill your home cleaning requirements? 
  • Corded upright anti-hair wrap model vs cordless anti-hair models  
  • Which one is the best choice for large apartments, pet owners, hard floors, carpeted areas? 
  • Does shark lift away have anti-hair wrap?

Top 4 Shark anti-hair wrap hoover reviews For UK

Shark anti hair wrap upright vacuum nz850uk reviews

Shark anti hair wrap upright vacuum nz850uk

The Shark Upright NZ850UK is the first model we have tested, available on shark’s official store and amazon. Above ten thousand reviews, 90% positive feedback, lots of homeowners ask on the different forums to know details about this shark’s model. According to their preference, the shark NZ850UK is the first model we have tested.

The shark NZ850UK is a full-sized upright corded hoover with anti-hair wrap functionality, duo clean brush roller, powered lift-away, giant dust cup, more suction power against competitors’, and anti-allergen sealed technology. Also, it has many more valuable features which allow for cleaning dirt, fin e dust, pet hair, human hair from both carpet and hardwood surfaces.

Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair UK – Reviews & Guide

Anti-hair wrap test of the shark NZ850UK powered lift-away vacuum.

The shark NZ850UK contains the anti-hair wrap feature. We tested this model on the hardwood floor and carpeted areas to determine how it performs? And does the anti-hair wrap keeps the brush-roll tangle-free?

Normal brush roll vs anti hair wrap brush roll

My house is mostly carpeted, and I live with two dogs. In a single back and forward pass – the sharks suck up 90% of debris, pet dander & hair, and my carpet looks new. No doubt, its strongest suction is capable of handling carpet cleaning.

On the other hand, we tested this shark anti-hair wrap hoover to pick up long human hair. It performed well – no complaints about its cleaning performance.

But its anti-hair wrap feature is not satisfied me. If you use to vacuum a short amount of human hair, you will notice no hair tangle appears around the brush roll.

In our test with 18-inch long human hair, up to 30% of hair was wrapped around the brush roll.

And with a large amount of pet hair pick-up test, we found, up to 15%-20% of hair was wrapped on the brush roll. The anti-hair wrap technology is far better than the previous non-anti-hair-wrap models.

What’s included with the shark nz850uk?

This shark upright anti-hair wrap hoover is available in two versions. The shark nz850uk comes without pet tools. On the other hand, shark nz850ukt included pet tools. You’ll get one Crevice tool, a multi-surface dusting brush, and a motorized upholstery pet tool – a brilliant combo package for pet owners.

Competition: You may choose the cheaper option if the anti-hair wrap is unnecessary. 

If you want to save your money, you may go with the shark NV602UKT. It’s a traditional lift-away upright vacuum. Reasonable price, retailing for £169.00 only. The shark NV602UKT lift-away vacuum lacks the advanced anti-hair wrap technology, duo clean brush roller, powered lift away, easy to reach control button. These essential features appear on the NZ801UKT.  

Verdict: This shark NZ850UKT is a good choice, if you are a multiple pets owner and being an allergy sufferer – because this shark’s model has completed sealed technology with the HEPA filtration system that eliminates fine dust mites and allergens from the exhausted air.  

Read the following sharks model review if you want to choose the most updated anti-hair wrap hoover from the shark’s lineup.

Shark nz801ukt review – Corded powered lift-away anti-hair wrap upright hoover

Shark nz801ukt review

The shark NZ801UKT is an upright hoover. It is closely similar to the shark NZ850UK that we reviewed on the top.

It’s a duo clean powered lift-away hoover that contains anti-hair wrap technology. The anti-hair wrap feature of the shark NZ801UKT is more advanced. It prevents hair from tangling—also, clean wrapped hair by itself—that feature lacking on shark NZ850UK.

First of all, I appreciate shark’s invented advanced anti-hair wrap functionality. This new anti-hair version can remove wrapped hair from the brush roll. It has some combs on the top of the primary brush roll, which actively removes hair and forcefully sends it to the dust cup.

The shark NZ801UK is designed for multi-floor cleaning,  has two brush rolls. A soft roller brush is located at the front of the cleaning head, and a regular bristle brush with anti-hair wrap technology is located at the middle position of the cleaning head. Sharks’ named this whole brush system duo-clean technology. Both brush rollers are motorized. Soft brush roll directly contacts with surfaces and leaves a polished look. Soft brush rolls are more beneficial for picking up fine dust and big debris on hard surfaces. 

The Best noticeable feature of the shark’s lineup is their complete sealed technology. Our reviewed first model and this shark NZ801UK has the complete-sealed technology. It helps to remove dust mist from exhausted air – and captures fine dust mites inside the dust cup.  

Shark nv501 vs nv752

What is shark anti-hair wrap technology?

When you vacuum pets and long hair with a non-anti-hair wrap hoover, there are chances of tangling hair around the brush roller, and it’s very annoying and too hard to remove tangled hair. Also, it hampers your daily cleaning jobs. Sharks innovated the brush roller with anti-hair wrap technology to prevent hair tangling. As you will see, some of the soft plastic fins are located between the gaps of the bristle brush, which prevents hair from twisting around the brush-roll. It’s called the shark anti-hair wrap feature. 

How does Shark Hoover Anti-hair wrap work?

Any modern vacuum can pick up debris, dander, pet masses, human hair. But the common problem is hair that wraps tightly around the brush roll. It affects the vacuum suction power – To prevent this, sharks designed their brush roll. You will notice some of the soft plastic fins located between the gaps of the bristle brush. These plastic fins push hairs up and actively prevent hair from tangling around the brush roll.

The shark’s modern anti-hair wrap technology works seemingly. Also, it moves tangled hair by itself. Some plastic combs are located on top of the brush roll.

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