What size cordless impact wrench for lug nuts

3 Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Lug Nuts

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Typically most passenger cars, SUVs, seven-seater, and trucks’ lug nuts torqued between 80 ft-lbs to 100 ft-lbs. So, choose a 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench with average 200 ft-lbs working torque that can be used for removing lug nuts and automotive repairing jobs.

Cordless 1/2 inch impact wrenches are mostly powered by 18V, 20V, and 21V lithium-ion batteries, and their price range starts from $80. You may choose an affordable cordless kit if you need it only for lug nuts removing, or assembling furniture.

If you spend much time in your garage where you encounter lots of repetitive tightening or loosening jobs. Or, if you like to maintain your cars by yourself, then choose a 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench with 500 ft-lbs torque.

We evaluated cordless impact wrench based on their delivered torque, reliability, gripping comfort, motor types, weight balance, and overall performance. Our top pick for removing lug nuts is the SeeSii 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench, with 287 ft-lbs working torque and 383 ft-lbs maximum torque.

A Budget 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench kit for lug nuts

Budget cordless impact wrench kit
  • 1/2 Inch impact wrench
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Advertised Torque: 479ft-lbs
  • Working Torque: 383ft-lbs
  • Size: 17.72 x 12.99 x 2.36 inches
  • 2 speed selection: (0-2600RPM/0-3300RPM)

From removing stubborn lug nuts to involving in any light automotive repairing jobs in the home garage, the SeeSii Brushless 1/2 inch cordless Impact Wrench has the adequate torque to handle those jobs. The cordless mid torque impact wrench has two-mode torque control. In its first selection mode, you’ll get the RPM from 0 to 2600RPM; selecting the second mode can raise the RPM maximum to 3300RPM. It saves the lug nuts from being damaged by over torque while tightening. 

The main appreciation point of this 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench is its brushless motor, which can deliver 479ft-lbs of torque, as the brand claims. But, in our test, the measured working torque was 287ft-lbs and the max torque 383ft-lbs. Undoubtedly, the best 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench at this price tag of $138. 

What includes in the box?

  • 1x 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench
  • 2x 21V 4.0AH Li-ion batteries
  • 1x fast charger
  • 6x impact lug nuts sockets (14mm/17mm/18mm/19mm/21mm/22mm)
  • 9x impact drill bits
  • 6x impact screws
  • 2x changeover heads
  • 1x portable strap
  • 1x carry box

A mid-budget 1/2 inch cordless impact kit with battery and charger


There are many cordless impact wrench available without battery and charger in the mid-range budget segment under $200. But only a few reputable impact wrench kits are available for under $200. The CRAFTSMAN CMCF900M1 is one of them. It offers 350 ft-lbs of maximum torque and comes with a 20V 4.0AH Li-ion battery and a fast charger. You can control the torque level by increasing and decreasing the RPM by its variable speed trigger. This feature is the most essential for tightening lower torque bolts and nuts.

If you are a mechanic or want to add a reliable cordless impact kit to your auto tools arsenal for roadside emergencies, the craftsman 20V 1/2 inch cordless impact kit might be a good choice. 

Best 1/2 inch impact for lug nuts and heavy-duty automotive work

Dewalt DCF899HB
  • 1/2 Inch impact wrench
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Advertised Torque: 700 ft-lbs Max
  • Working Torque: 582 ft-lbs
  • 3 speed selection: (0-400/ 1,200/ 1,900 RPM)

This 1/2-inch cordless heavy-duty impact wrench is for Dewalt lovers and might be a good deal if you’re a Dewalt cordless member. The bare tool kit retail price is around $239 without the battery and charger. 

Here’s why Dewalt DCF899HB is an ideal choice for removing lug nuts?

  • The main important thing for an impact wrench is its torque delivering capacity, wheater its cordless, corded, or air-powered. The DeWalt DCF899HB 1/2 inch cordless impact gun can deliver around 457 ft-lbs of working torque and 582 ft-lbs maximum torque, which is 14% less than the manufacturer advertised. The Dewalt advertised its torque delivery as a maximum 700ft-lbs.
  • The second consideration for a cordless impact wrench is its power-to-weight ratio. It’s too hard to hold a heavy impact for a long time. From this side, this DeWalt 20V impact gun is well balanced, weighing 6.4 pounds without attaching the battery.
  • Dewalt featured 3-speed controlling mode. You can increase or decrease the rpm with its multi-function speed control switch, which remains on top of the base. In the first setting, you can raise its speed from 0-400rpm, the second adjustment to maximize the speed level at 1,200rpm, and the third mode can maximize the speed level at 19,00rmp. The multi-speed function makes this Dewalt impact gun versatile. It allows you to use it for removing or tightening lower to higher torqued lug nuts, bolts, and body nuts.

Can a cordless impact wrench remove lug nuts?

Yes, it can. You should ensure that your cordless impact wrench has a torque capacity of around 200 ft-lbs. What kind of impact wrench you’re using for removing lug nuts is not a big deal. It might be air-powered, cordless, or corded. Most cars and truck wheels torqued around 80 to 110 ft-lbs, so it would be safe to choose cordless impact wrenches with 200 ft-lbs torque capacity, as I mentioned above in this guide. 

What should you consider when buying a cordless impact wrench for lug nut removal? 

  • Make sure your impact wrench has a torque delivering capacity above 200 ft-lbs.
  • The anvil size won’t affect the performance there are 3/8 and 1/2 inches are the most famous. But most of the 3/8 cordless impact wrench get powered by 12V batteries, with the actual working torque under 180ft-lbs, which does not meet the requirements. So, choosing a 1/2 cordless impact wrench might be a good choice.

Will a 3/8 inch cordless impact wrench remove lug nuts?

To remove lug nuts, typically, you need an impact wrench with a torque above 150 ft-lbs, as I mentioned above. Most cars lug nuts torqued between 80 to 110 ft-lbs, so choosing a cordless impact with 200 ft-lbs of working torque will be safe. You can easily find this configuration on a 1/2-inch cordless model except for a 3/8 impact wrench. 

Recently we tested a few 3/8 cordless impact wrenches against rusty lug nuts; only two models passed. So, I recommend you choose a 1/2-inch cordless impact for removing lug nuts. However, 3/8 impact wrenches are compact and easy to move in a tight space. But considering their torque delivering capacity, they are suitable for light-duty jobs, such as assembling furniture, lawn mower blade changing, and other household tasks. 

Here’s the list of top 3/8 cordless impact wrench from reputable brands.

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