Best Airbrush Compressor UK

Best Airbrush Compressor For Model Making UK

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Airbrush requires airflow of 23 litres per minute at 2 to 3.5 bar, this is an ideal requirement in all sizes of airbrushes, and it will vary in your uses.

You may use your garage air compressor for airbrushing, but you need to consider additional attachments to make them workable for airbrushing. If your air compressor is bigger and oil-lubricated, you should consider multi-stage filters to separate oil from supplying compressed air. Also, you need to attach a pressure valve to reduce air pressure to suit the airbrush PSI requirements. Most of the portable and garage air compressors are high wattage and louder, so they will increase your electric bills. Also, you can’t concentrate on your job by sitting beside a louder compressor.

So, you should consider a dedicated airbrush compressor, which is portable, silent, lower in budget and easy to operate. Some air compressors come with airbrushing kit, which is the best option for beginners.

Best airbrush kit with compressor UK

Best airbrush kit with compressor UK

The Timbertech Airbrush Kit with Air Compressor is the best option if you’re a beginner. It’s a portable handy airbrush compressor that suits all types of model painting, artists, cake decorators, nail art, and tattoo. The Timbertech abpst05 comes with a full setup of airbrush kit, the best starter deals. 

The Timbertech is a tankless air compressor unit that can deliver 20-23 litre airflow at 3 bar (43.5 PSI), which is enough for airbrushing. Also, it’s a silent airbrush compressor noise level is 49, which is much quieter than a regular compressor model. 

A water filter remains in its air outlet, typical for an airbrush compressor. It traps water from compressed air. Have good news for you it’s an oil-free airbrush compressor, so you don’t need to worry about the maintenance after using a couple of periods. Another benefit of being an oil-free piston system, there are no chances of coming out oil with air. 

A pressure regulator remains on the top of the air filter. Very easy to access and adjust pressure by twisting the regulator knob. 

It’s a tankless air compressor, so it will run maximum time for supplying consistent air. It will stop when the pressure touches 4 BAR (58PSI) and start automatically when the pressure level goes to 3 BAR (43PSI). Very straightforward operation and has a thermal protection system to protect the motor from damage.

Best airbrush compressor with tank UK

Best airbrush compressor with tank UK

This Fengda FD-186 is the best airbrush compressor with a 3 litres tank in the UK. Our first recommendation was a tankless airbrush compressor with kits, but the Fengda FD-186 is only a tanked airbrush compressor. 

If you are looking for a tanked air compressor with airbrush kits, Fengda FD-186K would be a good choice. 

The Fengda FD-186 has a 3-litre store tank, so you’ll invariably get consistent airflow for smooth painting. The airflow capacity of Fengda FD-186 is 20 to 23 litres per minute, and the maximum tank pressure is 4 bar (58 PSI), which is suitable for all airbrush guns with 0.2 to 0.8 mm nozzles.

Tank or Tankless airbrush compressor, which one should you choose?

A tankless airbrush compressor is cheaper, but you’ll easily get the jobs done. Typically a tankless airbrush compressor squeezes the air and drives it to your airbrush. So, when you press the airbrush trigger, it starts pumping air. And has a pressure switch that automatically stops the motor when air pressure touches a certain level. And when the air pressure touches the minimum level, the motor gets switched on, and it starts pumping air again.

On the other hand, you’ll get consistent airflow with absolute air pressure with a tanked airbrush compressor.

Why should you consider an airbrush compressor with the tank? 

  • Consistent airflow: In a tank-less airbrush compressor, when you press the airbrush trigger, the compressor starts pumping air and directly moves the air into the hose. In this case, air pressure rise and drops continuously. That’s why you can’t spray paint smoothly. On the other hand, with a tanked airbrush compressor, the pump squeezes the air and stores it in the tank. So, it can deliver air with consistent air pressure, and you can adjust the air pressure by twisting the pressure valve. 
  • Heating issues: On the tank-less version, it starts running while the air is in use, and most of the time, it runs continuously to keep the pressure at a certain level, Causing it produces lots of heat. On the other hand, in a tanked airbrush compressor, the motor keeps running until the tank pressure touches its maximum level. And the motor automatically runs again by the pressure switch when the tank pressure reaches the lower position.  

Which air compressor is appropriate for airbrushing? Oil-free or oil-lubricated

Oil-free air compressors are small in size, portable enough to move with one hand, and silent. On the other hand, oil-lubricated air compressors are designed for higher high demanding air tools like air sanders, sandblasters, automotive air tools, and to supply compressed air to industrial machines. 

Our recommendation is to choose an oil-free air compressor for airbrushing.

You’ll face a few major problems if you want to use your existing oil-lubricated garage air compressor to supply air into your airbrush. 

  • As their air pump is oil-lubricated, you’ll see little drops of oil come out with the compressed air that will affect your painting.
  • Oil-lubricated compressors are 2X louder than an oil-free model. You can’t continue your airbrushing overnight while your neighbors are sleeping. Also, the loud noise will damage your hearing ability. 

Oil-lubricated compressors draw high ampere. As a result, it will increase your electric bills. 

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