Wen 3410 vs shop fox w1830

Wen 3410 vs shop fox w1830: Which One is the Best?

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Wen 3410 vs shop fox w1830: Result Of Our Research And Comparison.

The WEN 3410 retail price is 140$. On the other hand, Shop Fox W1830 demands 225$.

We tested both models in our woodworking shop, and the dust cleaning capacity was the same. Both are well for cleaning air-borne dust and ensure for a healthy breath.

So, go ahead with the WEN 3410, and enjoy a healthy breath.

Air filtration systems are essential to ensure clean breath when you spend the busiest time in your workshop.

It is also necessary for those asthmatic people who have been suffering from breathing problems for many days.

Thousands of air filtration models are available to remove Air-borne dust particulates and prevent harm to a healthy respiratory system. You must choose the right one. You heard of these two reputable brands before and their quality air filtration system. But you are indecisive about which one is meet your expectation without your wallet burning.

Wen 3410 vs shop fox w1830: Comparison summary:

The wen 3410 and shop fox w1830 are from different manufacturers, and using purposes are similar. Even they contain the same key features.

The filtration system, airflow rate, coverage area, everything is identical on both air filtration systems.

Despite their similarities, we have noticed two minor differences.

The first difference is the price tag. The Shop Fox W1830 retail price is $225, where wen offers it at $146.

The second difference is the motor power. WEN 3410 includes a 1/6HP induction motor, where Shop Fox W1830 has a 1/8HP motor. If you compare the motor power, the WEN 3410 stays ahead of the Shop Fox W1830. As a result, I can ensure that you’ll get the real airflow from WEN 3410 what they advertised. .

Overview Of WEN 3410:

Wen 3410

The WEN 3410 is equipped with the latest air filtration technology. It’s a lower-budget air filtration system. Despite of its lower price than competitors it includes every feature that you expect from a premium air filtration system. 

The WEN 3410 is a three-speed air filtration system and has the option to set the air flow rate on three modes. You can set the air flow rate with its remote control. Also, you can use the control panel to rise and reduce the airflow. It depends on the air quality inside of your workshop. If your woodworking or other jobs create a lower amount of dust, and the environment inside your working station ensures to take a clean breath, then it is good to set the airflow at 300 CFM or 350.

On the Other hand, if you feel the indoor environment seems to interrupt normal breathing processes, set the airflow in max position for removing dust rapidly.  

Programmable Timer settings:

WEN 3410 is a budget air filtration system but has an essential timer setting, Which is only noticeable on premium filtration systems. We noticed that some of the competitors raised prices only for having the timer mode.

The WEN 3410 didn’t compromise the timer setting despite its lower price. It offers 1,2,4 hours timer preset, which allows to shut off the system when the time runs out. Before getting out from the workshop, set the timer at the desired time when your job is done.

When the time runs out, it will stop automatically and keep the workshop air quality ready to take a clean breath next time.

Wen 3410 air filtration system:

Wen 3410 removes airborne dust particles with its double air filtration kit. A 5-micron filter kit work as the pre-filter. And it is positioned at the backside of the filtration unit. It traps the 5-micron-sized dust particles when air gets in.

At the next step, when air gets passes through the 1-micron inline air filter, it catches 1-micron-sized particles from the air. This is the simple air filtration process of Wen 3410. 

Overview of basic configurations: Noise level, working area, unit dimension, weight, controlling, installation. 

The WEN 3410 is not so big or not too small in size. The overall dimension of this unit is 17” L x 20.5” W x 10” H. Every component is well-assembled inside the unit. It is a quiet unit, and the manufacturer claims the overall noise level is 50DB to 60. It varies on speed level. At the max position, I tested the noise level. It was 63DB, which was significantly quieter. 

The WEN 3410 is also a remote control. The included RF system remote can control the unit from 26 feet away at any angle. Remote control has three buttons that are marked in different colors. The red button for turning on and off the unit. The green button for controlling airflow capacity and the yellow button for configuring the timer settings. 

Overview Of Shop Fox W1830

The Shop Fox W1830 is a three-speed air filtration system like WEN 3410. It offers three-stage motor RPM controlling options that are directly related to the airflow capacity control. Three-stage speed control stages are 1200, 1400, and 1750 RPM. When the air filtration system sets on the lower speed range, the motor spins on 1200RPM and delivers 260CFM clean air. The second and third-speed options are marked in Mid and High. It provides 362CFM air when the speed level sets on Mid position. And the max airflow is 409 cubic feet per minute.

One 5-micron air filter kit works as the pre-filtering, and the inner filter kit is 1-micron-sized. Combining two filter kits, it serves fresh air by removing fine dust particles from the air.

The overall dimension of Shop Fox W1830 is 20-Inch w x 17-inch D x 10-inch H, closely similar to the WEN 3410. The unit weighs around 31 Pounds.

All essential installation kits, remote, remote batteries are included in the box.

Wen 3410 vs shop fox w1830: Final verdict – Which one value for money?

Based on workshop owners’ criteria and saving their pocket, our suggestion goes to WEN 3410. But both air filtration system has the same capacity of removing airborne particles from the inside the air. Even both have programmable timer settings, and they can control the whole operation with the remote. Also, both featured the same sized air filtration kit.

WEN 3410 or Shop Fox W1830? Both are designed for working in 400 square feet. You won’t get any upgrade features that the Shop Fox W1830 has.

At the end of our in-depth comparison, you identified which one is ideal for you.

Wen 3410 vs shop fox w1830: Installation process

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