Dyson Ball Animal 2 VS Shark Vertex

Dyson Ball Animal 2 VS Shark Vertex: Which Vacuum Should You Pick?

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Both upright vacuums from Dyson and Shark did an excellent cleaning job on all floor types. But the Shark vertex upright vacuum performs slightly better on all types of hard, low-pile carpets and rug flooring. The shark vertex has a Duo clean floor head. It has a soft brush roller at the front and the traditional beater bar in the middle of the cleaning head. In our testing of picking up pet hair, the shark vertex performed better than the Dyson ball animal 2. We haven’t even found any hair tangling issues in the shark vertex. 

Summary: Dyson ball animal 2 vs shark vertex

  • Hard floor: The shark vertex is great for hard floors. It features a duo clean brush roller, meaning a soft brush roller at the front of the cleaning head. Which directly engages the surface and moves fine and larger debris to suction intake. On the other hand, the Dyson ball animal 2 lacks this feature, and the intake of the cleaning head is insufficient for picking up larger debris, resulting in it pushing large messes to the front instead of sucking them up.
Dyson ball animal 2 vs shark vertex Hard floor test
  • Carpet: In terms of carpet cleaning ability, both vacuums did well. The Dyson’s latest self-adjusting cleaner head makes a good seal with the carpets, and the powerful beater bar agitates carpet fibers well, resulting in any large or fine debris coming out from carpet deep fibers and giving a powerful cleaning effectiveness. But, we found an issue: the Dyson was hard to push while we vacuumed dense rugs. Mostly, it was getting locked with the surface. We discovered the shark vertex as champ while testing it on the same carpet surface. It cleans around 90% of debris in a single pass. 
  • Pet: The shark vertex is an ideal choice if you’ve pets. The shark vertex has the latest Powerfins self-cleaning brush roller in its cleaning head, preventing hair tangling and activley cleaning tangled hair from the brush roller. This feature is lacking in the Dyson Animal 2. Although the Shark vertex has a pet version, you will get a turbo pet tool in its core version, which is superb for cleaning away pet hair from pet beds, upholstery, mattresses, and tight spaces. You have to buy a pet tool individually for the Dyson ball animal 2.
  • Stairs: You can turn the Shark vertex upright vacuum into a handheld vacuum, making tackling stairs cleaning jobs more convenient. Also, the Shark featured the powered lift-away mode, which means the wand still has power if you detach the vacuum canister from the body. So, you can use the power head while cleaning stairs in lift-away mode, which will serve you more cleaning power. The Dyson ball animal lacks this feature. Also, the Shark’s powered lift-away allows you to reach any hard-to-reach areas, even under furniture and above floor cleaning. 

Winner: Shark AZ2002 Vertex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Shark AZ2002 Vertex Powered Lift-Away

  • Anti-Hair Wrap: Yes
  • Product Weight: 6.5kg
  • Cord Length: 8m
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.83L
  • Wattage: 750W
  • HEPA Filter: Yes
  • Floor Types: Hard Floor and Carpets

The difference between Dyson ball animal 2 and Shark vertex (Chart)

FeatureShark AZ2002 VertexDyson ball animal 2
Weight16.38 pounds17.4 pounds
Form FactorUprightUpright
Wattage1350 Watts1344 watts
Noise Level70 dB80 dB
Surface RecommendationHard floor, Carpet, Dual actionHard floor, Carpet, Dual action
Included ComponentsCombination Tool, Stair Tool, Hepa FilterDusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush
Pet ToolYesNo

Dyson ball animal 2 Or shark vertex AZ2002 | Which one should you choose for bare floors?

First and foremost, our expert tested both Shark and Dyson vacuums on bare floors to clean away cat litter, pet hair, sand, and small and larger debris. Both upright vacuums performed well. The Shark vertex did the cleaning job more effectively than the Dyson. It sucks around 98% of debris from its path in a single back-and-forth pass. On the other hand, Dyson struggled a bit against a large amount of mess pickup. It mostly pushed the debris to its front instead optimally sucking them. 

Our experts rate the suction power of both vacuums at 100%, which is a remarkable achievement for those. The expert also praises the Shark vacuum for its performance on hard floors, giving it a 100% rating. This high rating indicates the vacuum excels in picking up dirt, dust, and debris from hard surfaces without leaving residue behind.

The shark vertex has an individual hard floor option to select the surface type you are cleaning. In this mode, the suction power will increased, and the brush roller spinning power will be reduced, which will give you an optimal cleaning performance. The Dyson lacks this feature, and it has a brush roller on/off switch that will help you keep the brush roller turned off when vacuuming bare floors. This will prevent any accidental damage to your sensitive flooring surface. 

Expert Opinion: Undoubtedly, the shark vertex is the clear winner and an ideal option for tackling any kind of mess on hardwood floors. Even it will give your floor a polished look. 

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Dyson ball animal 2 VS vertex AZ2002 | Which vacuum is more effective for carpets and rugs?

Generally, a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush roller works better on rugs and carpet flooring. The spinning beater bar gently vibrates the surface and digs into the carpet fibers. As a result, most of the dirt and pet hair come up from the carpet and effectively clean the surface.

In terms of the motorized brush roller, the Dysons’ primary brush roller is designed with stiff bristles, and the Shark Vertex has a Powerfins brush roller. 

If we compare the brush roller design of both Dyson and Shark vertex based on their rugs and carpet cleaning effectiveness, then the Shark vertex wins most of the cleaning test. The Shark’s latest Powerfins  Brush roller is more effective in picking up debris from carpet fiber than the stiff bristle brush roller. The Shark has three different surface selection options according to the surface types, like Thick Carpet and area Rug and low and medium pile carpet. But the Dyson lacks these features, and this has a beater bar on/off switch. You can only turn on and off while needed.

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