Best Cheap impact wrenches

Best Cheap Impact Wrenches (Pneumatic, Cordless And Corded)

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Budget impact wrenches are suitable for handling lightweight jobs, such as lug nuts removing, lawnmower blade removing, and day-to-day home garage tasks. These kinds of works require lower torque, and it might be between 150 lb to 300lb. A budget impact wrench can undoubtedly handle these jobs. If this torque level fulfills your job requirements, we’ve good news. After testing 13 budget impact wrenches, we got three. They can deliver sustainable torque, long battery life, torque control settings, comfort gripping, and much more at affordable prices. 

Our selected impact wrenches price between $70 to 100$.

If you are looking for an impact wrench for heavy-duty automotive work, you should consider the strongest impact wrench. 

Before buying, you should know the following precautions about budget impact wrenches.

Delivering Torque: Most cheap models advertised torque levels between 300 to 450lb. But, most of thems torque delivering capacity is between 150-200lb. But, only a few models can produce 250lb of torque. 

Torque settings: If we compare a cheaper impact model with a premium one. The cheaper models don’t offer any dedicated torque settings option. 

Driver Motor: Most cheap cordless impact wrenches use the carbon brush motor, Except for a few reliable brands.

We selected the top cheaper models by keeping these precautions in mind. So, follow our guide properly if you want to make a safe buying decision with an affordable price.

Top-3 cheap impact wrench reviews (Air-powered, cordless and corded)

Best Budget Cordless Impact Wrench – AVID POWER 20V MAX

cheap cordless impact wrench

It can be hard to come by a cordless impact wrench that’s both budget-friendly and effective in day-to-day automotive repair jobs, but the AVID power 20V cordless impact wrench has it all. If you are looking for an affordable cordless impact wrench for car tire changing and day-to-day automotive tasks at your home garage, this is the cordless impact wrench for you. It can handle all kinds of lightweight tightening or loosening jobs.

This AVID power is built with a heavy-duty brushed motor. The manufacturers claimed that this budget cordless model could deliver 330 foot-pounds of torque. But in our test, we measured its torque level. It can provide 254lb working torque and 264lb max torque. It’s good enough for any lightweight job.

Where a premium impact wrench offers variable torque control, brightest led light, compact, lightweight design, lithium-ion battery with charge indicator, you will get all of these features in this budget cordless model. Its retail price is around 85$ on amazon.

What includes in the box?

The AVID power 20v cordless impact wrench comes with 4Pcs drive impact sockets, a tool bag, 20V Max Lithium-ion battery (3.0AH), and a fast charger. It’s a complete package with all the necessary kits that you need to involve with car tire changing jobs. Unbox the toolset, insert the battery, and it’s ready to work.

Best Cheap Electric Impact Wrench – PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench 1/2-Inch

cheap corded impact wrench

If you don’t have a proper size air compressor to run a full-size impact wrench, or you don’t agree to have a budget cordless impact wrench, the porter cable 120V electric impact wrench is a good deal at an affordable price.  

Its 7.5 amp 120v electric motor can deliver 450 foot-pounds of torque, which is plenty for tire rotation, CV axles, wheel bearings, removing lawnmower blades, and many more lightweight repairing jobs.

The controlling is straightforward—a red color trigger switch marked with the R & F symbol that indicates reverse and forwarding driving.

A good quality cordless impact wrench retails at 280$ to 350$, and a premium pneumatic one retails around 200$ to 250$, And they are designed for heavy-duty automotive repair jobs. Besides, air impact wrenches require a big-sized air compressor and a right-sized air hose. The total budget goes around 600$, which is a massive expense.

I recommend this 120V electric impact wrench if you want to work around your home garage or you need to add this to your RV tools. Because every RV has a dedicated generator, you will get a 120V power socket there.

The only disappointing thing about this cheap corded impact wrench is its Hong ring shaft. The hog ring does not have good socket retention. Sockets are always falling off often during I test by removing my car’s lug nuts.

Does a cheap impact wrench worth buying?

An impact wrench is a must-have tool in every car owner’s arsenal kit. Many people need impact wrenches for lightweight jobs like car tires, lawnmower blade changing, and other auto repair tasks around their home garage. These jobs do not require much torque above 200 to 300ft-lb. A budget impact wrench can handle this and less down your buying costs, whether air-powered, corded, or cordless. Our recommended budget impact wrenches cost between 50$ to 99$. These budget models are not designed to handle the most challenging jobs like semi-truck tire changing, engine maintenance, or construction vehicle repairing. If you want to consider a cheaper model for these heavy-duty tasks, I warn you. Your investments will be worthless.

Cheap Pneumatic, cordless, and corded, what kind of impact wrench can save money?  

First of all, an air-powered impact wrench is affordable in price and capable of serving up to 400 ft-lbs of torque, and their retail price starts from 60$. Air-powered impact wrenches would be a good choice if you previously have a proper-sized air compressor.

Additionally, a right-sized air hose is needed to supply air continuously into the air impact wrench, and some air fittings you should consider. If you don’t have these air compressors and essential fittings previously available, buying an air-impact wrench becomes worthless. If I summarize the total costs of an air compressor, air fittings, and air hose, it goes around 400$ to 500$.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for cheap impact wrenches for removing lug nuts, pneumatic impact wrenches are unable to use in roadside emergencies. Air impact wrenches are good to use around the home garage, and it would save money if you previously owned an air compressor.

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