10 CFM At 90 PSI Air Compressor

10 CFM At 90 PSI Air Compressor – What need you know before buying?

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What does 10 cfm at 90 psi mean on an air compressor?

In this context, “10 CFM at 90 psi” means that the air compressor pump can deliver 10 cubic feet of compressed air per minute when operated at a pressure of 90 pounds per square inch (psi).

Another Way we can say “10 CFM at 90 psi” it means that the compressor pump can provide a continuous airflow of 10 cubic feet per minute when the tank pressure is maintained at 90 psi. The compressor air-delivering capacity will decrease below 10 CFM when the tank pressure rises above 90 PSI. And the compressor pumping capacity will increase above 10 CFM while the tank pressure goes down below 90 PSI or 40 PSI. 

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What kind of tool can you run with a 10 CFM air compressor? (Chart Included)

A 10 CFM air compressor can power a range of pneumatic auto repair tools and equipment that require a continuous airflow within its capacity. 

Keep in mind the airflow capacity of 10 cubic feet per minute indicates the air pumping capacity of the compressor pump. So, the tank size of a 10CFM air compressor can vary on manufacturer design and brand, and the tank size can range from 30-80 gallons or above. 

Here’s a chart of tools that can typically be run with a 10 CFM air compressor:

Tools NameOur Opinion
Air Impact WrenchIt can run any 1/2-inch impact wrench without any issue. But you need to choose a tank size between 60-100 Gallons for a 1-inch impact wrench.
Air RatchetYou can run any air ratchet wrench without any issue.
Pneumatic DrillYes, you can run but require a larger tank.
Pneumatic ScrewdriverYes
Air HammerYes
Pneumatic Reciprocating SawYes
Air-Powered SanderYes
Grease GunYes
Caulk GunYes
siphon gunYes
needle scalerYes
Pneumatic ShearsYes
Die GrinderYes, you can run any die grinder with it. But ensure a larger tank for professional use.  
Pneumatic BlowerYes
Tire InflatorYes
Paint SprayerYes

Note: If you are planning to run multiple high-air demanding air tools in your auto repair shop and wondering whether is a 10CFM compressor enough or not, then you may see our 20 CFM compressor reviews and guide. 

Or, if your air tools require an airflow below 5 CFM, then a 4CFM at 90PSI compressor has the capability to serve you the according to your tool’s requirements. 

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The portable 10 CFM air compressor – Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

How portable is the Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

The portable 10 CFM compressor we have tested is the Campbell Hausfeld VT6271. Most 10CFM compressors are 60 gallons and vertical in design. They are not easy to move around when needed. But The VT6271 is equipped with a robust horizontal 30-gallon ASME tank that ensures reliable storage capabilities and is easy to move around the job sites or home garage. Its carefully designed handle and wheels enhance its practicality, making it a perfect choice for storing in compact shop or garage settings. Whether you have limited space or prefer a portable solution, this versatile air compressor is tailored to meet your needs. With its compact form factor and sturdy construction, the VT6271 10CFM 30-gallon compressor offers convenience without compromising performance. 

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

The Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 is a high-performance horizontal portable air compressor specifically designed to meet the needs of serious do-it-yourselfers, professionals, and contractors. With its powerful 3.7HP motor and a generous 30-gallon ASME code tank, this compressor provides ample power and storage capacity for a wide range of air tools.

Built to last, the VT6271 boasts an impressive product life of up to 5,000 hours, ensuring reliable and consistent performance over an extended period. The durable and safe ASME code tank further enhances its storage capabilities, allowing you to store and access compressed air conveniently whenever needed.

The heart of this compressor lies in its cast iron pump, which is engineered for exceptional longevity and durability. With an air delivery rate of 10.2 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 90 pounds per square inch (PSI), that is enough for regular auto repair tools. Whether you’re using air wrenches, nail guns, or spray guns, the VT6271’s robust pump can handle the demands of various pneumatic applications.

What kind of tools can you run with this Campbell Hausfeld 10.2 CFM compressor?

The airflow capabilities of 10.2 CFM at 90 PSI and 135 PSI maximum tank pressure of this compressor make it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications, from paint spraying and inflation to sanding, grinding, stapling, nailing, bolting, and tightening.

When it comes to paint spraying, this compressor delivers a consistent and even compressed air flow, ensuring smooth and professional-quality finishes. Its adjustable pressure settings allow for precise control, enabling you to achieve the desired paint coverage and texture.

For inflation purposes, whether it’s inflating tires, sports equipment, or inflatable objects, this compressor provides ample air pressure to quickly and effortlessly inflate them to the desired level. 

When it comes to sanding and grinding, the compressor’s robust air supply enables the powerful operation of pneumatic sanders and grinders, allowing for efficient material removal and surface preparation. But remember that its tank capacity is 30 gallons. If you use it for professional grinding and sanding, you must consider a bigger 60-gallon tank. 

Stapling and nailing tasks are made effortless with this compressor. Its reliable air supply enables the smooth operation of pneumatic staplers and nail guns, ensuring accurate and secure fastening. 

For bolting and tightening needs, this compressor delivers sufficient air pressure to power any 1/2-inch impact wrenches, enabling quick and efficient fastening and loosening of bolts and nuts. 

NorthStar Electric Air Compressor – 60-gallon | Airflow rates 10 – 11.5 CFM

NorthStar Electric Air Compressor - 60-gallon

Key features of the NorthStar Electric Air Compressor

  • The durable cast iron oil-lubricated pump is designed with a one-piece cast iron crankcase and an entire cast iron cylinder body, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. This construction guarantees robust and reliable performance over an extended period.
  • The pump incorporates high-quality Swedish stainless steel reed valves, which offer superior longevity. These valves contribute to an extended service life, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • Featuring a 2-cylinder design, the pump minimizes heat transfer between cylinders. This design enhances the system’s overall efficiency and helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, resulting in improved performance and reduced wear.
  • The heavy-duty 230V induction motor operates at a speed of 3,450 RPM, delivering maximum power and efficiency. This mighty motor and pump system can deliver an air volume of 11.5 CFM at 90 PSi and 13.4 CFM at 40 PSI, which is plenty enough for any air-demanding tools operation.
  • To accommodate extended usage on air tools such as ratchets, impact wrenches, spray guns, hammers, and more, the pump is equipped with a 60-gallon ASME-certified vertical tank. This tank provides an ample air supply and can safely handle the tank pressure at 135 PSI maximum, allowing for longer run times without compromising performance.
  • Operating at a speed of 920 RPM, the pump maintains a controlled and consistent airflow, contributing to its overall efficiency and reliable performance. Additionally, an oil sight gauge is conveniently placed for easy visual inspection of oil levels, ensuring proper lubrication and preventing potential damage.
  • The 12-inch cast iron balanced flywheel further enhances the stability and smooth operation of the pump. Additionally, the pump features an aluminum head and valve plate, providing a lightweight yet durable construction.
  • The pump incorporates automotive-style ball bearings, known for their longevity and ability to withstand heavy loads. These bearings ensure smooth and reliable operation, reducing friction and extending the pump’s lifespan.
  • The pump optimizes tool performance with a maximum air pressure of 135 PSI, allowing for efficient and effective operation of various air-powered tools. This pressure level ensures that tools function at their best, delivering the desired results.
  • The compressor features a large 3/4-inch air outlet port for easy connection to air tools, providing a secure and efficient airflow. This port enables a smooth transfer of compressed air, minimizing pressure loss and maximizing tool performance.
  •  The pump is equipped with a pressure gauge, allowing users to accurately assess the tank air pressure. Additionally, an on/off switch is conveniently positioned for easy operation, providing control and convenience.

Overall, this pump combines durability, performance, and efficiency, making it a reliable choice for various applications. Its robust construction, efficient motor, and thoughtful design features ensure optimal performance and longevity, allowing users to tackle demanding tasks easily.

DEWALT 3.7HP 175PSI 60 Gallon air compressor – 11.5 SCFM at 90 PSI

DEWALT 3.7HP 175PSI 60 Gallon air compressor

Crafted with a keen focus on optimal performance and exceptional durability, the DEWALT 60 Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Boasting an impressive air pressure rating of 175 pounds per square inch (psi), this compressor outshines other 60-gallon counterparts operating at a mere 135 psi, delivering more than twice the air tool run time. Its superior air delivery capability, measured at 11.5 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) at 90 psi, showcases a remarkable 30% increase in psi when compared to competing 60-gallon, 135 psi models.

Tailored to meet the needs of a range of users, the DEWALT 60 Gallon Air Compressor, with its robust 175 psi performance, emerges as an ideal choice for diverse applications. Whether it be in a compact workshop, amidst the endeavors of an automotive enthusiast, or within the realm of serious do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, this compressor ensures unwavering efficiency and productivity. 

It’s integrated 208-230 spread volt electric motor further enhances its appeal, guaranteeing seamless operation. However, it is crucial to consult local electrical codes and enlist a certified electrician’s expertise when configuring this compressor’s power supply, as adherence to safety standards is paramount. Specifically, this unit necessitates connection to a power source rated at 240 Volts, operating at 60 Hertz, alternating current (AC) exclusively. 

To ensure proper installation, a 30 amp double pole breaker must be employed. Notably, this compressor does not come equipped with a power cord, necessitating its separate acquisition.

Key features explanation of the Dewalt 60-gallon 11.5 SCFM air compressor

High-Performance 208/230V Single-Stage Compressor

  • The Dewalt air compressor boasts exceptional performance by providing more than double the air tool run time compared to other models, coupled with a remarkable 30% increase in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). This innovative compressor ensures extended operation periods for air tools, enabling users to accomplish tasks efficiently without interruptions. With its higher PSI output, it guarantees enhanced power and pressure, allowing for the effective completion of a wide range of pneumatic applications. Whether tackling heavy-duty tasks or handling delicate operations, this Dewalt air compressor delivers optimal performance and reliability, meeting the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  • The Dewalt DXCM602 60-gallon air compressor airflow capacity of 13.4 cubic feet per minute (CFM) when operating at 40 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a still commendable 11.5 CFM when reaching 90 PSI, this air compressor excels in delivering consistent and sufficient air pressure for various applications. Furthermore, this device boasts a maximum pressure rating of 175 PSI, ensuring optimal functionality and accommodating the needs of demanding tasks.

Husky 60 Gal. 3.7 HP 1-Phase 175 PSI Air compressor |

Husky 60 Gal. 3.7 HP 1-Phase 175 PSI Air compressor

The Husky 60 Gallon oil-lubricated belt drive air compressor boasts an industry-leading performance by delivering two-stage efficiency through a single-stage pump. This exceptional air compressor offers an impressive 92% longer air tool runtime compared to its counterparts, specifically the 60 Gallon two-stage compressors with a maximum pressure of 175 psi and an airflow rate of 7.9 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) at 90 psi.

This air compressor’s core is a heavy-duty, cast-iron, two-cylinder pump that is expertly lubricated with oil. This ensures a prolonged lifespan for the compressor while enabling it to deliver an airflow rate of 11.5 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) at 90 psi, which is a substantial 45% higher than the typical 60 Gallon two-stage 175 psi compressors that provide 7.9 SCFM at 90 psi.

Enhancing its overall performance, the Husky 60 Gallon compressor features a poly-v pulley and drive belt system that facilitates smooth operation and minimizes vibration. Furthermore, the high-efficiency aluminum flywheel has been meticulously engineered to maximize airflow, resulting in an efficient and seamless startup process.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Husky 60 Gallon 175 psi air compressor is a perfect choice for small shops, automotive enthusiasts, and dedicated DIY users. It is Equipped with a 208-Volt to 230-Volt electric motor, and this unit requires connection to a power supply of 230-Volt, 60 Hz, AC only. Before wiring this compressor for power, it is highly recommended to consult local codes and engage the services of a certified electrician. Please note that this compressor does not include a power cord, which needs to be obtained separately.

Campbell Hausfeld 10.2 CFM 3.7 HP 230-Volt – 60 gallon

Campbell Hausfeld 10.2 CFM compressor

The Campbell Hausfeld VT6195 is a superior vertical air compressor specifically engineered to cater to the needs of individuals operating small shops, automotive enthusiasts, or those engaged in serious DIY projects. With its robust specifications, this compressor stands out as an exceptional power, efficiency, and durability choice.

The VT6195 is equipped with a substantial 60-gallon capacity, coupled with an impressive 3.7 horsepower motor. This combination ensures that the compressor delivers exceptional performance, surpassing expectations and meeting the demands of various applications.

A prominent feature of the VT6195 is its remarkable airflow rate, offering a high output of 10.2 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) at a pressure of 90 pounds per square inch (PSI). This outstanding airflow empowers the compressor to provide ample power to various air tools, including those used for grinding, sanding, or painting. With such capabilities, users can rely on this compressor to support their tasks effectively, enhancing productivity and achieving optimal results.

To ensure longevity and reliable operation, the VT6195 is equipped with a heavy-duty, cast-iron, two-cylinder pump that receives efficient oil lubrication. This lubrication system is a protective measure, promoting a prolonged lifespan for the compressor while maintaining smooth and efficient functionality.

Furthermore, the VT6195 boasts a sturdy and durable 60-gallon tank, holding ASME certification, indicating compliance with stringent quality and safety standards. The tank’s vertical design adds to its appeal, allowing for efficient space utilization in workshops or garages. By occupying a smaller footprint, this compressor facilitates effective organization and optimal space management, catering to users’ needs within limited areas.

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